2023 Lexus GS Preview: Comeback as a New Model

The comeback of the 2023 Lexus GS is not so likely. The company replaced the mid-size luxury sedan with the ES lineup. It is positioned between the IS and LS. With the market for executive cars slowly dying, no one expects new arrivals. Still, the questions are there, since the GS was cut from the lineup a couple of years ago. There are some interesting concepts that can be the base for future development. But, it is not going to happen so soon.

The option is to see the 2023 Lexus GS as the all-electric production concept. The LF platform is going to underpin the car, but it also causes a lot of questions. The company launched the new concept and now they will use it to revive the nameplate that was discontinued recently. There is no too much sense in this move. Lexus moving on and bosses are ready to take the risk. Even the best-selling luxury SUV, the RX, is not safe. We can hear that the LF SUV might replace it. Until this happens, the all-new RZ450e electric model will serve as the pioneer in this world.

2023 lexus gs comeback

2023 Lexus GS Comeback: Rumors and Truth

Since the company discontinued the GS in 2020, it is hard to believe the car is coming back so soon. Plus, there is the replacement, the Lexus ES executive car. And finally, this market is reclining, and many manufacturers already left it. The focus is on SUVs and crossovers, two types of vehicles that sell the best nowadays.

However, Lexus is in this market with three models. That means the profit still exists. But, another question comes – where will the 2023 Lexus GS fit in the lineup? The market is limited and competition within the same company wouldn’t be a wise move.

Speculations from some sources say that the complete 2023 Lexus GS redesign could revive the lineup. The GS460 is one of the nameplates we could find. Also, people mention the hybrid unit. All those rumors have sense, being based on true facts.

2023 lexus gs

2023 Lexus GS 460 Hybrid

One of the models we can hear about is the 2023 Lexus GS 460 Hybrid. This might be a bold move by the carmaker, having in mind recent launches. It seems like Toyota and Lexus are trying to downsize their engines. So, we saw the new turbo-six unit under the hood of the LX SUV, instead of an old 5.7-liter V8. Also, the new RX uses a twin-turbo system for the performance-oriented F Sport 500h package.

For now, the future of a 4.6-l V8 is still uncertain. The downsizing of the lineup could be avoided, and the 2023 Lexus GS 460 Hybrid is one of the options. It will be interesting to see this experiment. Combining a V8 engine with an electric pack is not an easy task. But, Toyota and Lexus are not leaders in this segment by chance and if anyone can pull this off, those are their engineers.

2023 lexus gs hybrid

Competition and Future

The mid-size luxury car class is still pretty popular. We can say it’s been dominated by German carmakers. Mercedes E-Class, BMW Series 5 and Audi A6 are the most popular vehicles here. Cadillac is still out in the market with the CTS. Well, General Motors doesn’t plan to suspend production of this iconic luxury sedan, especially now when it offers the V Series package.

To sum it up – the 2023 Lexus GS is most likely dead and it is not coming back. But as they say – where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The company made it up with the ES sedan, but true fans of the GS still dream of the comeback.

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