2023 Lexus LC 500 Performance, Hybrid and F Sport

There are no major changes on the grand tourer. The 2023 Lexus LC 500 is mostly unchanged compared to the previous edition. Novelties are the Alcantara leather and sports details. The rest of the lineup is unchanged, but we still hope for further announcements. The LC 500 is the standard model, the LC500h is a hybrid version, and the convertible variation can be purchased with a soft top.

The main difference between grand tourers and roadsters is in the luxury approach. Lexus mixes performance and high-end options, while roadsters are sports cars. The LC is a relatively new vehicle. The first generation is still in the market, since 2018. A 5.0-liter V8 engine lays under the hood, and the car is also available with a lighter, hybrid variant. The LC is a champion of the Super GT, but it is replaced with the all-new GR Supra. By the way, the company is building again parts for the Mk3 and Mk4 again.

2023 Lexus LC 500 convertible


A mighty 5.0-liter displacement is under the hood. A V8 engine can produce 471 hp and sends the power to the rear wheels through a 10-speed AISIN gearbox. The official 0-60 mph time is 4.4 seconds. You can’t expect big fuel economy numbers from the V8. However, the tourer can do 25 mpg on the open road (if you drive economically). Max speed is limited to 155 mph.

Optionally, you can pick a hybrid engine. The 2023 Lexus LC 500h is using a 3.5-liter V6 and electric motors. The total output is 354 hp. A 10-speed Multi-Stage transmission also sends power to the rear axle. The gas mileage is improved to 26/35 mpg. Besides the drop in power numbers, the LC500h hybrid is also speeding to 60 mph in 4.7 sec, while the top speed is 155 mph.

2023 Lexus LC 500h

2023 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

The 2023 Lexus LC 500 Convertible is the third standard option available in the lineup. You can enhance the look of the grand tourer with a soft top. It shares mostly everything else with the standard version. However, thanks to the convertible design, the aerodynamic drag is a bit higher. Also, the cargo capacity is lower. But, when buying such a vehicle, the trunk area is the least important segment.

2023 Lexus LC 500 F

The LC belongs to the performance segment. However, the F Sport package is not available as an optional upgrade. It makes other Lexus vehicles way more attractive. The 2023 Lexus LC 500 F is still an option as the late addon to the lineup. Unique styling features, such as a hood, bumper, spoiler, or exhaust parts, are the key of this package. Also, a revisit of the suspension system makes the ride even more comfortable. Drivers found this impossible on the LC.

2023 Lexus LC 500 interior


The 2023 Lexus LC 500 is available in nine paintjobs. No matter which version you pick, standard, hybrid or convertible, those colors are in the palette: Ultra White, Atomic Silver, Cloudburst Gray, Flare Yellow, Caviar, Infrared, Nightfall Mica, Cadmium Orange, Nori Green Pearl. There are also three interior themes – Toasted Caramel Alcantara, Circuit Red Alcantara and Black Alcantara. All three layouts feature satin metallic details. The standard model comes with 20-inch wheels. A set of 21-inchers is optional, or standard on the hybrid vehicle. Soft and Sand are the colors of the soft top.

2023 Lexus LC 500 Prices

The base offer for the high-performance grand tourer starts from $95,000. If you opt for the hybrid, that is a $6,000 upgrade. The 2023 Lexus LC 500 Convertible costs $103,000. Touring package brings premium audio, upper body heating, 21-inch wheels, and a few more upgrades for $8,000. The HUD is not standard, surprisingly and costs $900. Some of the main rivals of the Lexus LC are Porsche 911, Chevy Corvette, or BMW 8. Even Toyota builds a slightly cheaper alternative. GR Supra is a roadster, while the Lexus is also luxury-oriented, not all about the performance.

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