2023 Lexus LQ Concept to Underpin Future SUVs

The LQ concept introduces a new approach in styling. We can’t wait to see this platform underpinning new vehicles. The architecture mixes existing solutions and new ideas. Details from the LS sedan are noticeable, while the sloped roof on the 2023 Lexus LQ reminds fans of the LC coupe. And everything is mixed on the new SUV.

The concept initially debuted in 2020. However, its development was affected by the COVID pandemic. Well, everything is. Ever since we didn’t have any updates from the company. Now, it seems that life in the automotive industry is going on, and Lexus already brought some novelties, such as an all-new LX 600 full-size luxury SUV. We hope that one of the next debuts is the 2023 Lexus LQ.

2023 Lexus LQ price

2023 Lexus LQ Design

The influence of LS and LC is obvious on the 2023 Lexus LQ. But, everything is more futuristic. We don’t expect to see the same vehicle from photos in production. The LQ looks very attractive in official shots, but there are many issues with aerodynamics and practicality.

Being based on the full-size luxury sedan means the LQ is going to be pretty long. So far, the largest SUV in the family is LX with a 206-in body. We doubt the new model goes over that. Instead, the 2023 Lexus LQ might settle between the LX and the RX, as the replacement for the GX. Nevertheless, there are also rumors about the TX as the same substitution.

Whatever happens, the LQ will be long enough, but its sloped roofline doesn’t promise too much headroom. It can serve as the coupe version in the mid-size SUV world and rival Mercedes GLE and BMW X6. The solution is attractive, but it is not too practical. Well, while there are buyers interested in such vehicles, companies will build them.


The exterior is definitely eye-catching. Besides the coupe styling, which defines the new era in the Lexus family, there is plenty of other new details, including a grille and large wheels. Once you are inside the cockpit, the impression starts to grow. The concept looks very futuristic. The dashboard is digitalized and the company still keeps steering wheel buttons. A huge driver’s display and infotainment screen are dominating the dash. We don’t have details about new solutions, but there are plenty of novelties inside the 2023 Lexus LQ. Anyway, don’t expect the cabin to be the same as on the prototype. Big modifications will happen, but the idea stays.

2023 Lexus LQ interior

2023 Lexus LQ Specifications

The LQ is the next step in the evolution of the LF concept. An older platform was the first to introduce similar ideas and now those are closer to production. But, a lot of things have changed since the LQ appeared, and the LF is even older. A twin-turbo V6 with 416 hp and 442 lb-ft is the original drivetrain for the new SUV. But now, the company changed a few things, so the 2023 Lexus LQ is probably getting one of the I-Force configurations.

A new 3.4-liter V6 engine joined the lineup and it delivers 390 hp in the base form. Outputs can jump to 435 horsepower and 585 pound-feet if you pick the I-Force Max setup. The new LX 600 sits somewhere between those two. The RX 500h F Sport can do 367 hp with a turbo-four unit. All those solutions are available for the 2023 Lexus LQ. A new configuration is also possible. Enthusiasts believe in a high-performance edition of the SUV with more than 500 horsepower. Such a vehicle would be a true competitor to the BMW X6 M and Mercedes GLE AMG Coupe.

2023 Lexus LQ Concept

2023 Lexus LQ Release Date and Price

The history of Lexus coupe SUV projects is not so short any more. It all started with the LF-1 Limitless a few years ago, but when the LQ appeared, more people started believing in this concept. The pandemic slowed down the company and postponed some work. But, now the rumors about the 2023 Lexus LQ are back again and we can expect more news about the future SUV pretty soon. Anyway, there are thoughts that the production won’t start so soon and the vehicle is coming as 2024 or 2025 YM.

Initially, the company planned to sell the 2023 Lexus LQ for $80,000 in the base form. Also, some high-end packages would be at the six-digit price realm. But, it was two years ago. Today, everything is more expensive, including cars. Plus, we saw new engines in the lineup, so the first price of the LQ SUV could gain 10 percent compared to the earliest estimations.

Being a coupe SUV is a blessing in disguise. The market is not big and such models are killing the strongest side of this kind of vehicle – practicality. The good thing is – there is no too much competition. Besides the abovementioned BMW and Mercedes-Benz models, we can also add Porsche Cayenne and a smaller Infiniti QX55.

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