Ready for Debut: 2023 Lexus TX

The new project by Toyota in the premium segment can mean there will be even more changes. The arrival of the 2023 Lexus TX is official. It is a three-row luxury SUV. So, the question is – what will happen with the rest of the lineup? In the first place, we think about RX and GX. The first one is the best-selling luxury SUV. It is hard to believe that the Japanese company is going to experiment with its flagship vehicle. On the other hand, the GX is ready for redesign and a new generation. So, the TX could be a replacement.

Experts believe that SUVs will be slotted between RX and GX. The first one will drop its three-row version, while the second one remains a high-end SUV for off-road duties. Also, some speculations report that the new vehicle could be cheaper than the RX. Hybrid drivetrains are not in doubt. We still don’t know what kind of system the 2023 Lexus TX should use. If it carries over the RX 500 package, you can count on a 366 horsepower rating, at least.

2023 Lexus TX debut

What Will 2023 Lexus TX Look Like?

The 2023 Lexus TX comes at a time when the company introduced a new styling language. We can see the fresh look of the RX and LX models. The upcoming SUV will go the same way. The exterior highlight is a massive grille. Some renders are showing mesh and some spindle layouts.

Our sources claim that the new vehicle is going to replace the RX L as the three-row SUV. Similar stories come from Toyota as well, where Grand Highlander replaces three-row Highlander. So, the overall length of the TX should be between 195 and 200 inches. Designers will probably go with the extended body to provide more room inside the cockpit. Compared to the GX, the new SUV will be focused on comfort, while the existing vehicle is a better choice if you plan to go off-road.

Further rumors are speaking about a few packages. The base vehicle should be the 2023 Lexus TX 350. However, the company might launch the first edition with enhanced performances and upscale materials, advanced features, and rich equipment. From what we’ve heard, this one could be the Lexus TX 500h or the TX 550h+. The letter in the alphanumeric nomenclature indicates that hybrid options is almost certain.

2023 Lexus TX concept

When the Productions Starts?

The new nameplate is registered and it is just a matter of time when we will see it in dealerships. The enthusiasts believe that the SUV is going to be the 2023 YM. But, since we are getting closer to the next season, the production could be postponed for the year 2024. Anyway, even if the 2023 Lexus TX shows up, it will be in the second half of the year.

How Much for the 2023 Lexus TX?

The only indication we have is that TX is going to be positioned between the RX and GX. So, the price should be somewhere around $55,000. Instead of the high-end performance, the GX is offering, the 2023 Lexus TX will be packed with more features. Some sources say that the SUV could be even cheaper than the RX. But, it is hard to believe, since it is a longer model with three rows of seats. Plus, the prices in the entire car industry are going up, so the premium class could be 10 percent more expensive.

2023 Lexus TX release date

Under the Hood (Or Body)

Toyota and Lexus made a few bold changes on their vehicles. The company is downsizing engines for the existing SUVs, so we have the LX with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine and the RX with a turbo-four unit. As the successor of the RXL, the 2023 Lexus TX will probably bring over the 2.4-liter displacement. This engine is debuting on the RX 500h as the high-end option, while the V6 is still the base setup. Anyway, a turbocharged four-banger will take over the lineup.

The 2023 Lexus TX 500h would offer 366 hp and 406 pound-feet of torque. A conventional engine is sending power to the front wheels, while the rear axle gets a boost by an electric motor. That makes the TX an AWD model. The battery will enhance gas mileage numbers. Hybrid configurations are taking over the market, and soon, more electric SUVs will be on the roads. Nevertheless, there are no details about the future of the lineup and we are still waiting for updates about the new vehicle.

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