2023 Toyota Aygo and the Next-Gen Aygo X

The 2023 Toyota Aygo will be the last chance to get this popular mini car. The carmaker is ending production of the vehicle soon. We still don’t know too much about the replacement, or if it is going to be available. The small hatchback is perfect for city cruising. Probably the final edition of the car won’t be changed compared to the current version. But, we need to see if the company is going to carry over the same special edition packages, such as x-clusiv and x-pure.

Aygo is the smallest car the company is offering in Europe. However, this model was never available in the US. The company will drop it next year. An alternative is the legendary Toyota Yaris, but it is about 20 inches longer. It also brings higher fuel consumption.

2023 Toyota Aygo

2023 Toyota Aygo Specs

Under the hood of the 2023 Toyota Aygo is a 1.0-liter inline-three engine. The small block is developing 90 Nm and 71 horsepower. A manual transmission is standard. Such a system needs 13.5 seconds to sprint 0-60 mph. An automatic transmission brings a different drive impression, but also a more sluggish acceleration. The gas mileage is exceptional. The Aygo can return up to 56 mpg.

Pros and Cons

The small car is agile and efficient, but also limited with the room. There is no too much space in the back row, and the front seats are not too comfortable as well. Also, the 2023 Toyota Aygo is not offering too much space for cargo. However, we can’t expect exceptional results in this area from such a vehicle.

On the other hand, the gas mileage is superb, as we already said. Furthermore, the car is perfect for tight parking lots and crowded urban streets. Owners praise the running costs. On the other hand, the performance is pretty bad on the open road. Plus, the automatic transmission is not improving the driving experience, so we recommend sticking to the manual shifter. Reliability is also the strong side and many owners will be disappointed with the discontinuation of the Aygo, since they would replace their rides only with the new ones.

2023 Toyota Aygo x


There are quite a few mini cars in European streets. However, it seems like the sales are dropping and more buyers are turning to larger classes. Volkswagen already discontinued the Up. Smart is well known for such vehicles, so you can still buy the ForTwo model, or ForFour if you need more space. Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and Renault Twingo are representatives of French automotive cuisine. All of those vehicles start the offer with a small 1.0-liter engine, and some are also available with slightly larger displacements.

new 2023 Toyota Aygo

2023 Toyota Aygo Replacement

According to multiple sources, after the 2023 Toyota Aygo, the company is going to develop and build the Aygo X. Well, there are already a few X-models available as special editions for the current model. Those are x-cite, x-clusiv, and x-pure. Standard trim levels were x, x-play, and x-pression. The new Aygo X is going to drop all those lower level packages, and keep the new trims.

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