Will Toyota Produce 2023 Celica?

According to sources, the company plans to bring back Celica. The Gazoo Racing team is going to help in the development. The production of the vehicle won’t start so soon and we still don’t know what markets will offer the 2023 Toyota Celica. Well, the rumors are swirling again, so there are no doubt something is going on.

The car was out for 35 years before its discontinuation in 2006. At that time, crossovers and SUVs started their grow and overtake of the market. Fewer sports cars are available nowadays, so the stories about the 2023 Toyota Celica comeback are surprising to fans and experts. This is not the only vehicle the Japanese company could produce again. We already have strong signals about the MR2. Plus, Toyota is delivering new parts for old Supra Mk3 and Mk4 models.

All in all, the revival of the Celica splits opinions. The car has a huge core of fans. It’s been out for too long. On the other hand, times changed and some other vehicles are generating profit. So, Toyota would have to give up some manpower to develop and build the new Celica with a questionable future. On the other hand, they will have to slow down the production of some safe deals in crossover, SUV and truck segments.

2023 Toyota Celica price

What We Know So Far?

Supra is already back, as well as the GR86. A couple of sports cars drew a lot of attention and the carmaker could continue to expand the lineup of vehicles produced in partnership with Gazoo Racing. The 2023 Toyota Celica could slot between those two, as the rear-wheel drive sports coupe. The GR also delivers parts and solutions for the Yaris hatchback, and a few more projects are planned between the two companies.

The new Celica could take the Corolla platform. Another fresh car became an instant success once again. So, taking anything from the Corolla is a kick-start. Anyway, as a performance-oriented sports car, the 2023 Toyota Celica would need much more than that to impress fans around the globe.

2023 Toyota Celica hybrid specs

2023 Toyota Celica Specs

As a sports car, the new Celica needs to make a statement. For a long time, a 1.8-liter four-banger was the main choice for the vehicle. But, it’s been a long time since the last unit rolled out from the plants. Now, experts believe that a 2.5-liter unit is good enough. Also, the sights are set on the hybrid version of the engine. Experts believe that engineers can squeeze more power than 160 kW (215 hp) the new Camry can do. The boost should add at least 25 more horsepower. Converted to performance – the 2023 Toyota Celica will be faster and more fun to drive.

Toyota is focused on hybrid and PHEV models, so this kind of drivetrain is not a surprise for the Celica. Those are not old times when turbocharged units dominated the market. Of course, drivers still love them. But, having in mind maintenance cost and fuel economy numbers, there is no wonder why hybrid units are taking over the market.

Enthusiasts hope for manual transmission. That would bring back the old-school nature of the sports car. A standard automatic gearbox should also be an option. Current configuration under the hood of the Camry pairs the engine with a lame CVT. That is one of Toyota’s weakest spots.

2023 Toyota Celica release date
2023 Toyota Celica concept by DRIVE AU

2023 Toyota Celica Release Date

With limited info and quiet sources, we can’t guarantee that the production of the iconic car will restart so soon. On the other hand, the company can use the swing and launch another sports vehicle. In the long terms, we don’t think that Celica, Supra and MR2 have a big future. The focus is now on SUVs and trucks, as well as EVs. Toyota won’t waste resources on gambling with the 2023 Celica when there are safer investments.

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