2023 Toyota Innova Crysta Review

The 2023 Toyota Innova Crysta, or just Innova, is a versatile minivan than can serve for the transportation of passengers or cargo. Like always, the company relies on durability and resale value. There is nothing different with the van. It was updated and launched as an all-new model earlier this year, so no big changes are expected in 2023. In some markets you will also find it as the Kijang Innova Zenix, or HyCross.

The latest edition of the minivan introduced some big changes. First of all, the new platform is underpinning the vehicle. Also, it uses front-wheel drive now. Of course, there is fresh styling, outside and inside, and more features in the cabin. Market for the 2023 Toyota Innova Crysta is pretty limited. You can find it in Pacific Asia, Arab Gulf countries, and a few more regions around the world: Egypt, Jamaica, Ecuador and Argentina. In the US, the Sienna MPV is available at dealerships.

2023 Toyota Innova Crysta

2023 Toyota Innova Crysta Specs

The Japanese company is dropping diesel engines. Two of them were available for the previous version of the Innova minivan. Now, there are only petrol-based setups. A 2.0-liter D-4S is still there. It produces 128 kW (172 hp). It is a significant boost compared to the previous model that was good for 102 kW (138 hp). The new system also enhances torque from 190 Nm (140 lb-ft) to 205 Nm (151 lb-ft).

Toyota didn’t drop diesel engines, but also a 2.7-liter four-cylinder mill. Nevertheless, the new setup delivers more power and torque. However, there is an alternative – the 2023 Toyota Innova Crysta Hybrid. It is based on the 2.0-liter mill and electric battery adds 12 hp for 184 hp total. The automatic transmission sends power to front wheels and manual stick is dropped like diesel engines.

2023 Toyota Innova Crysta hybrid

New Platform

The new generation of the vehicle brought significant changes. The Van was based on the truck platform and shared it with Hilux. Now, the 2023 Toyota Innova Crysta is laying on a unibody concept. It improves gas mileage and handling, while the towing capacity and durability suffer. Also, the maintenance is cheaper for such vehicles and those are coming with greater safety ratings. The third generation of the Innova van is longer than before. But, it is also lighter. The minivan gains 4 inches of length and the cabin is also roomier. Even the roof is 3 cm higher.

2023 Toyota Innova Crysta interior


The new generation brought some radical changes and we were afraid of how the fans would accept them. For now, the general opinion is not bad, although there are some things old drivers are missing. The switch from one platform to another is always a risk. From what we’ve heard, the 2023 Toyota Innova Crysta drives smoother and more efficiently. The minivan accelerates faster, like some performance-oriented hatchbacks. Thanks to the hybrid engine, the gas mileage is at the high level. Three trim levels are available: Power, Normal and Eco.

When it comes to styling, the Innova Crysta minivan looks like an SUV. It is one the tricks to lure more buyers. The redesign brings a whole new front fascia, which is very muscular. The base offer includes a set of 18-inch wheels, but those seem a bit small for the new vehicle. The interior is also updated, with new features. Highlights are 10-inch screen, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay services, and 360-degree camera. Higher trim levels bring panoramic sunroof, leather seats, and memory driver’s seat setting.

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