2023 Toyota Yaris GR Pre-Orders Are Starting Soon!

Be ready for the next wave of orders – the 2023 Toyota Yaris GR will be available in only 160 examples. The first batch of the hot hatchback was sold out in record time. Now, we expect a similar outcome. So, if you want one, be sure to take a day off on November 10 when the pre-orders for the 2023 YM are starting. It won’t last for too long.

Gazoo Racing is expanding its lineup. Besides the 2023 Toyota Yaris GR, there are also Corolla and GR86 models already available. Also, we examined the rumors about the Toyota Celica GR. You can read more about that HERE. Anyway, all those vehicles have sporty upgrades and a more aggressive appearance in common.

For now, we have only confirmation about the release date of the Yaris GR in Australia. In this continent, the first batch of the performance-tuned vehicle was announced first. We doubt other Toyota plants around the world are going to build this model. Yaris is not even available in the US. Buyers in this part of the world can purchase Supra, GR86, and Corolla with the Gazoo Racing package.

2023 Toyota Yaris GR RS

2023 Toyota Yaris GR Release Date Details

The special package for the small hatchback drew a lot of attention. But, Toyota built only a limited number of vehicles. The orders were canceled, so the company can fulfill the demand. They didn’t say what was the final number, but it is obvious that there were more GR Corollas and GR86 coupes.

Now, the company is launching only 160 units on November 10 and that would be it for the 2023 season. At least for the Australian market. The price is not announced yet. The previous vehicle was just under $50,000 (Australian dollar, which converts to about 31,500 USD). There is also an optional package, the 2023 Toyota Yaris GR Rallye, which adds $5,000 (3,100 USD).

2023 Toyota Yaris GR Specs

A 1.6-liter turbocharged I3 engine is under the hood of the 2023 Toyota Yaris GR version. It delivers 200 kW (268 hp) and 370 Nm (272 pound-feet) of torque. A manual transmission boosts the sporty impression. It sends power to all wheels through six gears. The same engine is adding 20 kW more for the new Corolla GR. The hatchback needs 5.5 seconds to hit 600 mph from stop, and the max speed is 142 mph (electronically limited).

We can hear that company could add some kind of electric support, creating a more efficient hybrid setup. But, it is not likely to happen, especially when the Gazoo Racing team is in this story. The base Yaris already uses a hybrid system centered around a 1.5-liter petrol displacement. The same engine is also available without electric motors. The entry-level version is going to use a 1.0-liter turbo I3 plant.

2023 Toyota Yaris GR specs

Other Upgrades

One of the things we love about the 2023 Toyota Yaris GR is the special treatment by the Japanese company. The GR86 and GR Supra are the products of cooperation with some other carmakers (BMW and Subaru). But, the Yaris is all-Toyota. For now, the GR version is available only in a 5-door layout. Racing departments of the company want it with a three-door design, since the engineers believe it can improve the performances, and of course, the final results.

This is one of the sources where the fans are trying to learn about future changes. For example, further tuning can make the GR Yaris more distinctive and different from the base. The roof is already lower to enhance aerodynamics. Special parts are making the performance hatchback lighter by some 65 pounds. In a matter of fact, the 2023 Toyota Yaris GR will use the Corolla’s architecture with more weld points. That makes the car safer.

Optional Packages

Some of the options you can find across the globe can make the hot hatchback even more appealing. In the UK, we can find the Circuit Pack with 18-inch wheels, revisited suspension, Michelin tires and unique colors. The Convenience bundle comes with a JBL sound system, HUD and ambient lighting.

The 2023 Toyota Yaris GR Rallye is an exclusive package for Aussies. Again, the focus is on the performance. The unique suspension setup, Torsen differential, and Dunlop rubber is replacing Michelin. Some say that the GR Yaris RS stands for “really slow”. This model, sold only in Japan, is downpowered to 118 horsepower. Also, the RS package includes a CVT transmission instead of a six-speed manual. Nevertheless, Japanese fans can still purchase RZ and RC versions of the hot hatchback.

2023 Toyota Yaris GR price


The company made an impact with the new package. Still, compared to the rest of the lineup, it is a significant upgrade in price. The small car is being used for the city drive, so the rally performances are not the priority. But, once you drive the GR Yaris, you will fall in love with it and start saving to buy it. Do not forget – there is only a limited number of vehicles to be available for 2023 season.

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