2024 HiLux Ready For The USA Market

Toyota is a leading truckmaker in the USA and worldwide. In North America, Tacoma is dominating the midsize pickup segment. Larger Tundra faces tougher competition, with buyers usually turning to domestic truckmakers. But, even Americans are thinking about the best truck in the rest of the world – the Toyota Hilux. Since Tacoma is so popular, experts don’t believe it will be replaced. But, the 2024 HiLux might be a new concept for the US market, with a hydrogen fuel cell powering the pickup.

Toyota America is not speaking about those rumors yet. But, hydrogen fuel cell technology is one of the future systems that will replace internal combustion engines. Zero emission is key, so those powertrains and EVs will take over the market. The Japanese company already presented the electric Tacoma, which won’t be in production before next year as the 2025 YM.

2024 hilux hydrogen

HiLux vs Tacoma

As the best-selling truck in the US, the Tacoma is one of the most important vehicles in Toyota’s lineup. This is the largest automotive market in the world and securing supremacy in any segment is a very tough task, especially when it comes to pickup trucks. The Japanese company is a step ahead of the US truckmakers. The main rival is Chevy Colorado. There are also other midsize pickups, but those need a lot of improvements before catching up with Tacoma.

On the other hand, the durability and reliability of the Hilux are legendary. Toyota builds the reputation of the truck all over the world – from African deserts to Australian outskirts and South American jungles. What is Tacoma in the US, that is the HiLux all around the globe. The main rivals are Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200. But again, many consider HiLux the best truck without a doubt.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Not only Toyota but also other big carmakers are developing systems with zero emission. For now, R&D is pretty expensive, as well as production. It is all reflected in the final price. The idea of hydrogen fuel cells exist for years, but everything is still at the levels of concept. No production of any of those vehicles started. On the other hand, EVs are becoming more involved and you will see those cars on the streets more often.

The Japanese company still doesn’t quit the hydrogen fuel systems. We can see a few projects, such as Caetano bus, or ICE concept, which might be available for the new Lexus LFA supercar. Also, we keep it in mind when speaking about the 2024 Hilux truck.

2024 hilux hydrogen concept

Changes For the 2024 HiLux

The current edition of the pickup was revisited, so it is hard to expect another dose of changes. Well, the focus was on the off-road Rogue version. So, a complete revisit is still possible. Both trucks debuted in 2016 and it is time for the new generation. We can hear those stories about Tacoma for a while and rumors are louder now with the EV concept becoming official. We will follow news about both models because of their close relationship.

Although the company goes after cleaner sources of energy, the 2024 Hilux is going to keep oil burners. Buyers around the world are in love with the 2.8-l D-4D engine. Eventually, this powerplant will be discontinued, and it will be a clear signal that hydrogen cells and EVs are starting their domination in the automotive industry.

2024 hilux

2024 Hilux USA Release Date

The original Hilux is from 1968, while the first Tacoma was launched nearly 3 decades later. Anyway, Americans love it and foreign companies are trying to get their vehicles closer to buyers by taking geographical marks from this part of the world. You can still find the Lone Star trim level for the Tundra, but exclusively in Texas.

Anyway, the current status of both trucks indicates that Tacoma is irreplaceable for now. But, rumors about the Hilux USA debut are more frequent. Some sources say the truck might arrive as the hydrogen fuel cell concept first. After the debut of the Hilux in the US, the future will be unpredictable.

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