2024 Lexus RC and RC F

The Lexus RC sports coupe was restyled a few years ago and the company paid more attention to the rear end. The front fascia was pretty much the same. Now on the 2024 Lexus RC, we expect a new revisit with a big facelift that could include a new grille and different headlights styling.

A four-cylinder engine is still the base unit. You can select a V6 instead to gain more power. The F Sport is the most favorite upgrade with a unique visual appearance. But, don’t mix it with the 2024 Lexus RC F, the high-performance coupe with a V8 under the hood. Well, in the future, we’ll see if the eight-cylinder drivetrain stays under the hood. Lexus is replacing big engines and there are no as many vehicles with V8s as it was just a couple of years ago.

2024 Lexus RC F

2024 Lexus RC Prices

The base offer after the redesign might hit $50,000. And that is for the model with a turbo-four engine under the hood – RC300. With an AWD, it is already above that limit. Further upgrades make it even more pricey. The F Sport costs $4,500. The 2024 Lexus RC 350 with a six-cylinder engine will be priced around $53,000. Both AWD and F Sport upgrades have the same value on this one. The RC F and a V8 engine are the high-end combos. The base price will be around $70k, even if the company replaces a V8 with a smaller block. If that is a V6, it will need a twin-turbo support or a powerful hybrid setup. The special Track Edition is under the question mark. It is usually available as a limited-time offer. Last time, its price was in the six-digit world.

2024 Lexus RC F Performance

Let’s start from the high-performance version, the 2024 Lexus RC F. It is using a V8 engine with 472 hp. The coupe is a true sports car with the 0-60 mph time of just 4.1 seconds. This time can go down with the Track Edition, which also achieves higher top speed (170+ mph). Well, for the new version, the company could replace an eight-cylinder mill with a twin-turbo or a hybrid configuration. Of course, fans don’t like it. But, all other companies are making their vehicles more efficient. The gas mileage of the RC F if 20 mpg combined, while all other versions do it in the urban ride.

2024 Lexus RC

Other Engines

The sports coupe offers plenty of options. The next model will probably bring the hybrid setup. But, such systems are not suitable yet for performance-tuned cars. Nevertheless, if anyone can meet demands and fulfill expectations, those are Lexus and Toyota. There are no announcements of the RC Hybrid yet.

Meanwhile, the entry-level 2024 Lexus RC 300 is using a turbo-four engine with 240 hp and 260 lb-ft. You need premium gas to get the best of the powerplant that also returns 26 mpg combined. The 0-60 mph acceleration time is 5.3 seconds. An AWD version is tuned differently and cracks 20 hp more. Also, torque drops to 236 pound-feet.

The 2024 Lexus RC 350 deploys a 3.5-liter V6. The engine delivers 311 hp. But, we see it has already been discontinued on some vehicles, such as RX SUV and Toyota Highlander. So, the question mark over the future for the RC coupe is pretty big. The F Sport version is enhancing handling and overall driving experience. However, there is no power or torque boosts.

2024 Lexus RC F Sport

The F Sport is a favorite upgrade for most Lexus vehicles. It is not too expensive, and improves the overall impression, so this is definitely the package worth the money. Here are the highlights of the unique grade, available with all the engines. Of course, every powertrain needs something special to handle more power. But, for all of them, you will get an adaptive suspension, performance brakes, 19-inch wheels, perforated leather interior, heated and cooled seats, and aluminum pedals. Also, the Premium package is standard with heated mirrors, rain sensing wipers and power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel.

The high-end RC350 also uses Torsen rear differential on the RWD configurations, unique contrasting paintjob (gray body/black roof), 19-inch Enkei wheels and Dynamic Handling System.

Flare Yellow, Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0, Incognito, Infrared, Ultra White, Atomic Silver, Caviar and Obsidian are the color options. All-wheel drive also offers Eminent White Pearl and Grecian Water.

2024 Lexus RC F Fuji


The current RC is getting pretty old. The car was introduced in 2014, but in past 10 years, there were a few revisits. The last one in 2020. So, another 4 years are behind the RC and the carmaker could start the new generation. But, the current focus is on the best selling classes – crossovers and SUVs. The RC still survives, although we heard many times that the production will end soon. For the next season, the coupe is still safe. Beyond that, it is still early to talk about.

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