2024 Lexus RX 350 – The Best Luxury SUV (By Sales Numbers)

The 2024 Lexus RX 350 remains the flagship model, although there are a few new concepts ready for production. The entire lineup will get an electric version at some point, so the LQ platform seems to be the most interesting at the moment. But, the RX is the best-selling SUV in the luxury class and Lexus wants to keep it that way. After the recent upgrades, there won’t be big changes on the 2024 YM. Well, news from the company indicates there is a new SUV on the horizon. The Lexus TX should take the place of the three-row model, leaving the RX with a two-row layout only. It kills the versatility of the lineup, so we hope bosses know what they are doing.

Nevertheless, a lot of options will still be there for the 2024 Lexus RX 350. This is the entry-level version. A hybrid drivetrain brings an interesting configuration centered around a four-cylinder unit. The RX500h F Sport is the performance version. Regular F Sport enhances the look.

Besides the excellent choice of engines, the fresh styling of the redesigned luxury SUV is also making a difference. A popular spindle-grille design is updated and draws even more attention than before. For now, the RX is still a seven-seater, until the TX shows up.

new 2024 Lexus RX 350

2024 Lexus RX 350 Specs, New Hybrid Configuration

The fresh styling is drawing attention, but the most important upgrades and changes happened under the hood. Remember a reliable V6 engine? Well, it is not available anymore. The company is replacing bigger mills with smaller, turbocharged drivetrains. Well, in this case, Lexus traded two cylinders for better gas mileage. A 2.4-liter turbo-four is the main choice and it delivers 275 hp and 317 lb-ft. The new setup also loses a bit of power, but the RX makes it up with fuel economy. The SUV returns 25 mpg combined, or 24 if you pick an AWD. An eight-speed transmission is available all across the lineup.

Things are becoming more interesting from this point. The 2024 Lexus RX 350h is a hybrid system. Again, a four-banger is a main source of power. Now, it features an electric motor as support. But, the combo is not increasing power outputs. The configuration delivers 246 hp. Data that sells the RX350h is fuel economy. A combined mileage is 36 mpg! With the new gas price increase, that can be a $1,000 saving over the year (15,000 miles).

2024 Lexus RX 350 hybrid

RX500h F Sport Performance

A 2.4-liter plant again! But, this time, engineers tune it to deliver more power. A petrol engine + electric motor can do 366 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. An 8-pace gearbox shifts power to all wheels. The SUV needs less than 6 seconds to hit 60 mph. The other two configurations stop the clock at 7.2 and 7.4 sec. The gas mileage of the 2024 Lexus RX500h F Sport AWD is still at a high level – 27/28 mpg. For those fans who complain about the base version’s power downgrade, this is a cool upgrade of both entry-level configurations in 2024 and the previous 2022 edition. And it costs about $15,000.

2024 Lexus RX 350 Price

The new model is coming out in 2023. So, the following edition can only upgrade the offer. Anyway, the main packages will be available in the next few seasons. Those are the standard 2024 Lexus RX 350, a hybrid RX350h, and the performance version, RX500h. The entry-level model will still be under $50,000. It is a bit surprising, having in mind that the price of everything is going wild. A hybrid model can save you $1,000 per year on fuel economy. But first, you must pay $2,000 more for this configuration. Have in mind that the maintenance cost is a bit higher, so not everything can be weighted through a prism of gas mileage. Finally, the performance-oriented F Sport hybrid package costs $62,750 before other upgrades you wish to make.

2024 Lexus RX 350 interior

Pros and Cons

The 2024 Lexus RX 350 will still be a fresh SUV. With its pedigree of a best-selling luxury SUV, this move makes us believe it will leave the competition in the dust. But, let’s wait and see how the fans and buyers are going to react to the engine switch. There are no doubts that the design is cool and refreshment did its due. The output of 36 mpg is definitely eye-catching, but the results can be different in the real world. Also, the performance is not promising, unless you pick an expensive F Sport RX500h package.

Nevertheless, Lexus continues to offer a reliable and spacious SUV, excellent for family trips, and now even better for everyday commuting. If anything goes wrong, there is time to fix all the issues and deliver the 2024 Lexus RX 350 as the SUV ready to conquer the mid-size SUV market once again.

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