2024 Lexus TX Latest Info: Release Date, Hybrid Engine, and More

The GX is not the only new project by Lexus. Another SUV was teased and our sources say the TX nameplate is strongly considered as the new model for the next season. For now, details are very limited. But soon, more information will come out, after the debut of the all-new GX. The position of the 2024 Lexus TX in the crossover/SUV lineup is still unknown. That opens up the door for many rumors and speculations. We analyzed some of them, including price, release date, engines and configurations.

Lexus is always into something. The SUV class has the best sales, so there is no wonder why new concepts are coming out every now and then. But, the lineup is crowded. There are subcompact UX, compact NX, mid-size RX, three-row GX and full-size LX. The TX will probably settle between RX and GX, although we must leave the possibility for the subcompact crossover. Many companies are now building vehicles somewhere between this and the compact segment.

2024 lexus tx 350 hybrid

2024 Lexus TX 350, TX 500 or TX 550

The number in alphanumeric nomenclature determines the size of the vehicle. The bigger the SUV, the number is higher. So, we have LX 600 as the biggest vehicle in the family. The GX 460 is counting down its availability. The GX 550 nameplate is registered and it will be the second largest SUV in the lineup. But, we ran into rumors about the 2024 Lexus TX 550. It’s been a while, probably from the time when some people believed this badge will replace the GX. With the confirmation of the next-gen model, the TX 550 badge seems to be unlikely.

Also, the 2024 Lexus TX 350 is a carry-over from the RX lineup. In this case, it is not so impossible, since the position of the new SUV might be similar. If it borrows the engine from the best-selling luxury model, then it can carry the same badge.

2024 lexus tx 550

Hybrid Engine

The biggest mystery is the 2024 Lexus TX 500. The badge is used only by the RX and its high-performance version, 500h with the F Sport package. A 2.4-liter turbo-four engine comes paired with an electric motor to burst 366 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. It might be a good choice if the TX is going to settle between the RX and GX. But, as a smaller vehicle, this is way too much power.

So, the 2024 Lexus TX hybrid might be more focused on fuel economy. Some potent configurations can deliver around 300 hp and still keep the gas mileage over 35 mpg. There are a few examples of such setups, and the best one is a plug-in hybrid from the NX and Toyota Rav4. The system can produce 302 hp and return 38 mpg. But, the final numbers will depend of the size of the Lexus TX.

2024 Lexus TX vs GX

The new vehicle is compared to the GX in most cases. Well, at some point, some fans were scared that the TX could completely replace their favorite vehicle. But, as soon as Lexus filed for the GX 550 nameplate, they knew the next-gen of the big SUV is coming. So, that ended stories about the replacement. Now, enthusiasts and experts are trying to figure out if two SUVs will be related somehow.

Most of the stories are clear speculations without any foundation. All we know about the vehicle is its name – Lexus TX. Since it has the “X” in it, we can be sure it is a crossover or an SUV. Beyond that, everything is guessing in the dark. Predictions can turn out true, but from the current perspective, there are no trusted sources to get 100 percent secure info.

2024 lexus tx 500

2024 Lexus TX Price and Release Date

The first rumors about the new SUV appeared in 2022. Back then, fans started asking about the new GX and some teaser images came out. Also, the new nameplate appeared – the TX. Rumors started spreading around and soon we could read more about the new SUV rather than the GX.

But, all that smoke was for nothing (yet). The all-new GX 550 is coming out next year and the TX is about to follow. The precise release date is not set yet. Fans assume that concept vehicle will be out by the end of 2023. The price of the vehicle depends on the size and engine configurations. With all possibilities mentioned in this article, the cost range is very wide with a limited amount of info about the TX.

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