2024 Toyota bZ5X Concept Review: Expectations, Range, Price

Toyota launched the bZ4X as an all-electric SUV. Since the electrification is going to continue, new nameplates will be out soon. Experts believe the company will keep the bZ nomenclature. The next vehicle we expect to see in this lineup is the 2024 Toyota bZ5X.

This is going to be a larger brother of the pioneer in the EV class. Also, its pair with the conventional internal combustion engine is the Highlander. The 2024 Toyota bZ5X won’t just offer an advanced drivetrain system powered by batteries, but also a complete interior. A three-row layout is one of the options for the new electric SUV. The expected price is around $55,000. Again, this depends on all the options the EV is going to offer.

All in all, it will be exciting to see what does Toyota plans with the electric segment. It won’t be easy for the Japanese company in the growing class of the automotive industry, but if any carmaker can succeed, that is Toyota.

2024 Toyota bZ5X price

2024 Toyota bZ5X Specs and Range

The 2024 Toyota bZ5X will probably be based on the same concept as the bZ4X. But, as a bigger brother, the mid-size EV crossover SUV is going to be packed with a larger battery. The estimated range is 230 miles in the base form. But, like grades in the standard lineup of SUVs with petrol engines, we will see models with extended range and improved performance. All that depends on the size and capacity of the electric motors the bZ5X is going to use.

Here, we can mention all the possibilities. Toyota can go against Tesla with a wide range of choices, something like the Model Y is about to offer. A high-performance edition can get a configuration with 3 electric motors and incredible outputs. Still, this is a very expensive model, so the Japanese company could stay closer to the pockets of most buyers. Definitely, some options will be there.

2024 Toyota bZ5X

What Will 2024 Toyota bZ5X Look Like?

The new electric platform will serve as the base for all future models. The 2024 Toyota bZ5X will be very similar to the bZ4X, but with larger dimensions. The new electric SUV is 185 inches long, which sets it to the compact segment. The bZ5X will belong to the mid-size class and the SUV is going to offer three rows of seats. Anyway, it will be a larger version of the existing crossover. Sources claim that two grades are about to be available, the XLE and Limited.

Release Date and Price

The compact crossover will join the lineup later this year. The price of the bZ4X starts at $42,000. As a larger vehicle, the expected price of the 2024 Toyota bZ5X is going to be between $50,000 and $55,000. Upper classes will cost around $60,000, and even more, if the company decides to launch more editions, especially with more electric motors. The new SUV won’t enter production so soon, at least not in the next 12 months. The bZ4X could debut in 2024 as the concept vehicle. Then, we will know more about Toyota’s intentions.

2024 Toyota bZ5X interior


The electric segment is growing in the automotive industry. Toyota is already a leader when it comes to hybrid and PHEV configurations, building some of the most innovative models in the market. But, the EV is a whole new world with Tesla setting up the pace in this world. It will be hard to compete with the US companies, since Ford is also launching more EVs nowadays.

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