2024 Toyota C-HR Redesign and Release Date

After the arrival of the Corolla Cross, many fans asked about the future of the smallest crossover in the family. On the other hand, there are also rumors about the 2024 Toyota C-HR redesign. The second option seems to be legit since there are more carmakers building a vehicle between the compact and subcompact classes. the Corolla Cross fits there perfectly. With the big dose of changes the redesign is bringing, the C-HR might become one of the most popular small SUVs in the market.

The C-HR is in the market since 2018. It immediately drew attention with its attractive appearance. Unfortunately, the company sacrificed some visibility but gained a more attractive look. Also, the resale value and reliability are the other two things that will make you buy the C-HR. it is time for the mid-cycle update, and even maybe the new generation. Let’s check what we know about the 2024 Toyota C-HR so far.

2024 Toyota C-HR concept

Facelift Changes and Interior

Something will definitely change about the 2024 Toyota C-HR. The subcompact class is not the most popular in the automotive market. But, the Japanese company wants to keep all of its products competitive. The C-HR was one of the most attractive vehicles in the class. However, the cool look usually has a cost in the lack of practicality. You don’t expect too much room inside such a crossover, but with a proper layout, the space can be maximized. Both passengers won’t get too much comfort and you can’t place too much cargo inside.

Well, the redesign of the new crossover should improve some of those issues. Due to the attractive design, the rear visibility was also problematic. Safety comes first, so don’t expect the C-HR to be as bold as it was. A more traditional approach will be used. Anyway, that is going to make it too regular, and similar to the Corolla Cross.

2024 Toyota C-HR interior

Under the Hood of the 2024 Toyota C-HR

The company might use a different powertrain for the upcoming vehicle. A 2.0-liter mill is efficient, returning 29 mpg. However, it should be better, especially having in mind that Rav4 can do 40+ mpg, and it is a bigger and more powerful crossover. Still, a hybrid or the PHEV system are not options. Those setups would increase the overall weight of the vehicle, harming efficiency, fuel economy and handling.

But, Toyota needs to change something. Like many other companies, Toyota started downsizing engines for some models already. It is hard to do that to the 2024 Toyota C-HR since it is using a 2.0-l displacement with 144 hp. A turbocharged mill can’t be found in the lineup. A 1.0-liter I3 from the Aygo is too small and needs more power. So, some new powerplants might be under development, if the company wants to improve the chances of the 2024 Toyota C-HR.

2024 Toyota C-HR Future and Replacement Rumors

We must go back to the hottest topic for rumors and the future of the small crossover. Sales can’t be compared to Rav4, but also many fans gave up on buying the existing version, knowing that the redesigned vehicle is on the way. Plus, Toyota fans could buy the Corolla Cross. If the C-HR is going to be discontinued, this is going to be its replacement. Experts doubt the company is going to build some new crossover instead.

Still, it is more likely that the update will refresh the interest in the 2024 Toyota C-HR. The subcompact crossover market in the US is not so attractive. But, most buyers will check the new version. If Toyota plays it right, the C-HR might become one of the vehicles to watch in 2024. All-wheel drive would be a good upgrade and the hybrid is definitely not an option. The bZ4X concept is out and it will underpin future electric crossovers. The first one will definitely go to the subcompact class.

2024 Toyota C-HR

2024 Toyota C-HR: Verdict

So, if you are a fan of the C-HR, it will be smart to wait for a year or so until the company decides what they will do with the small SUV. if the new version is coming, then it is better to get a fresh vehicle. Well, you will have to pay extra, but the 2024 Toyota C-HR is about to bring significant upgrades. Just remember that the company recently added Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to the list of features on its vehicles. Now, more options will be available, in all segments – infotainment, entertaining, safety…

The small crossover won’t be out in the next six months. The next-gen C-HR is a logical choice after six years run of the first generation. The company will start selling the crossover late in 2023. We are also monitoring news about this vehicle from other markets where it is available. The 2024 Toyota C-HR will be again one of the most popular crossovers worldwide.

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