2024 Toyota Caetano Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Review

The 2024 Toyota Caetano bus is the new concept vehicle. There are a few interesting things about it. First, it is an idea by the CaetanoBus startup. Toyota is bringing their hydrogen cell technology. The concept is more than interesting, but the production won’t start so soon.

The ultimate goal is to build more zero-emission vehicles. Such clean drivetrains will eventually replace internal combustion engines. So, Toyota wants to have a kick start. The partnership with CaetanoBus, a Portuguese company, was tied in 2020. The hydrogen cell bus is the first concept. The Japanese carmaker is also working on a few other vehicles with zero-emission plants, such as the Lexus LFA supercar and HiLux pickup truck. However, those models don’t share the same platform.

2024 Toyota Caetano Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

Pioneers in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell World

Toyota is a leader in the hydrogen fuel cell development. Other companies are more focused on electric powertrains since this technology is cheaper and you can charge batteries with home outlets. On the other hand, hydrogen fuel cells work different. They convert hydrogen into electric power. This element is reacting in touch with anodes and there is also oxygen that makes everything move. Instead of gas, the surplus is water, so this powertrain is considered a zero-emission motor. Toyota is working on such vehicles for a while, but the cost of development and production, as well as the maintenance, is too high. On the other hand, there are improved reliability, quiet operation, and way better efficiency.

2024 Toyota Caetano bus

Where it All Started for the 2024 Toyota Caetano Bus?

The Japanese company already had an idea of the hydrogen fuel cell bus. It was called Toyota Sora and fans could see it in 2018. The plan was to build a transportation vehicle with a range of 300 miles. The capacity was 79 passengers, and the bus had a lot of additional options and features to make a ride cozy and safe. However, the bus never entered production.

Now, the situation is a bit different with the 2024 Toyota Caetano. While the Sora was more of a promotional concept, this one seems to be a real deal. The Caetano bus is much smaller and its range is more suitable for city cruising. The concept vehicle can take up to 22 passengers. Like its predecessor, it is going to offer many advanced technologies and optional packages.

2024 Toyota Caetano

2024 Toyota Caetano Release Date

The 2024 Toyota Caetano is just a concept for now. But, the hydrogen fuel cell technology could impact the market very soon. The main obstacle is the R&D and production costs. As soon as the technology becomes cheaper, hydrogen fuel cells will wipe off internal combustion engines from the automotive industry.

But, for that, we will have to wait a few years. Caetano and Toyota Europe will continue to work together, and we don’t see this bus coming to the US in the foreseeable future. Do not underestimate the Portuguese company, which partners with Toyota for more than 50 years, and it is one of the main retailers in Europe, South America and Africa.

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