2024 Toyota Celica: Will We See It Again?

Toyota is an automotive giant with many iconic vehicles in its history. One of them is Celica, the legendary sports car that was discontinued in 2006. Well, it’s been a while and rumors about the 2024 Toyota Celica are starting to swirl. It is hard that we’ll see the car again so soon, but we won’t write off the return. Corolla is back, Venza as well, and other companies are also using to the same trick to draw attention to their new vehicles.

The big problem with the 2024 Toyota Celica is the downfall of the sports car segment. Buyers are after practicality, and no other class can beat SUVs and crossovers. They are spacious, safe, handling is excellent… Not only Toyota but also other carmakers are dropping sedans and hatchbacks to make more room for crossovers and SUVs. It has sense since there is a bigger profit. So, the bosses won’t risk too much with the Celica, unless it takes a different form from the last version we saw.

2024 toyota celica concept

What Will 2024 Toyota Celica Look Like?

It is very hard to say from this perspective. Toyota has a unique styling language, which evolves depending on the class and model. Maybe it is the best way to check out other cars in the lineup. As a sports car, the 2024 Toyota Celica should be compared to the GR86 and GR Supra. As you can conclude, the Gazoo Racing team is in charge when it comes to sports cars. If the Celica happens again in the next year or two, the GR badge will be there as well.

GR86 and Supra are more aggressive than classic sedans, Corolla and Crown. The approach is totally different. Sports cars have spoilers, big air dams, and aerodynamic hood. On the other hand, big black grille makes sedans look wider. Like said, the styling of the 2024 Toyota Celica heavily depends on the position it takes in the lineup. There is a gap between larger Supra and small GR86, which can be perfect landing spot for the new Celica.

2024 toyota celica

Engines and Performance

The focus must be on the sporty ride. That is what will make the 2024 Toyota Celica different from other cars and something crossovers can’t beat. The car won’t go after exceptional gas mileage, since buyers who are looking for the mpg rating will also add practicality. No vehicle can beat Rav4 when you mix it all up. Maybe Highlander, but it is more expensive.

So, the focus is on the ride and sports performance. A perfect engine for the Celica would be some kind of a turbocharged four-cylinder unit. Toyota have plenty of those to offer and the power ranges from 200 to nearly 400 horsepower. Again, the outputs will depend on the size and purpose. We still don’t exclude a less aggressive approach and passenger-focused design. Then, we can also check hybrid configurations, but it makes the search very wide. Since there are no official statements about the new Celica, everything is possible with Toyota.

new 2024 toyota celica


Let’s be honest, the 2024 Toyota Celica would be a big surprise. The company offers a wide choice of sports cars, sedans and hatchbacks, while most other carmakers are leaving this market. Instead, Toyota could invest more in trucks and SUVs, where the profit is almost guaranteed. But, on the other hand, the competition is not too huge in the car segment now. So, the Celica would have more space. All in all, everything is a speculation for now, without serious foundation from official sources. Nevertheless, we’ll keep monitoring the situation about the Celica. Lexus and Toyota blog is the right place to find out all the news from the company.

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