2024 Toyota Century Luxury SUV To Be Offered On US Market

Century is one of the company’s premium cars. Unfortunately to Toyota’s fans, it is available only in Japan. But, it can be changed soon. We can hear rumors that the 2024 Toyota Century might enter US dealerships. Surprised? There are many reasons to be and not to be. The Japanese company still keeps faith in the sedan class. Another model, this time a luxury car, will be a refreshment in the lineup. On the other hand, this class is pretty packed. Plus, the SUV/crossover segment generates more profit, so wasting funds and manpower could cause trouble.

Also, Toyota keeps all the luxury vehicles in the Lexus branch. Even the legendary Land Cruiser was removed from the US market so the LX could have more space. Anyway, the 2024 Toyota Century will be imported from Japan, since the company builds it only there. The price is hefty, so Toyota is not selling too many cars. Last year, only 500 units found new owners.

2024 toyota century

Ultimate Japanese Luxury Car

In Japan, they call this vehicle a “chauffeur car” and it is the last of a kind. Its main rivals, Nissan President and Mitsubishi Debonair were discontinued a long time ago. The Century is in production since 1967, and this model is the third generation. The size of the body is 5335 x 1930 x 1505 mm (210 inches long, 76 in wide, 59 in high). Although it has undergone a full model change in 2018 and has a sophisticated body design, the styling through the years can be recognized at a glance.

Of course, because it is a chauffeur car, the rear seat, especially the left side, is the “upper seat”. With the flick of a switch, the front seats slide forward, the headrest folds down, and there is the footrest.

Modern Car with Advanced and Innovative Tech

The interior, which uses heathered panels with curved surfaces, is simple but full of luxury. The cabin of the Century sedan looks like a room in some premium hotel. You can easily set up the position of the steering wheel thanks to the electric tilt and telescopic function. The driver’s seat is power-adjustable in 10 ways. As a “chauffeur car”, the sedan also provides maximum comfort to drivers during the full 8-hour shift.

2024 toyota century chauffeur car

Engine and Specs

The 2024 Toyota Century is using a hybrid configuration, although the main source of power is a V8 engine. A 5.0-liter unit provides 380 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque, while the electric battery adds 225 hp and 220 pound-feet. The combined output is 425 ponies, and the sedan gets enough power for a smooth ride on highways and in urban areas. The eCVT transmission sends power to all wheels for maximum grip.

The experience is unique, either if you are a driver or a passenger. Toyota has been making hybrids for 20 years. Switching between two motors is smooth, without uncomfortable vibrations or noise to the VIPs in the rear seats. Of course, the powertrain is customized for the Century, and even if you step on the accelerator carelessly, the torque changes smoothly, as expected of a chauffeur car.

Similarly, the behavior of the body in steering operation is also gentle. The yaw that starts by turning the steering wheel is almost synchronized with that operation. However, the car rolls properly. If you turn the steering wheel to the right or left on a tight winding road, there is a moderate roll.

2024 toyota century luxury car

2024 Toyota Century Competition

There is the Lexus LS available in the US by the same carmaker. But, the 2024 Toyota Century is at a totally different level. Such sedans are still used by VIPs to be chauffeured around, although SUVs can provide more room. The Century is at the same level with cars more popular in the Western world. Speaking of being chauffeured, two first names coming to your mind are probably Bentley and Rolls Royce. British carmakers are still very competitive, although German manufacturers are also producing some stunning vehicles. Without a doubt, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is the most prestigious sedan, although Audi and BMW have their representatives.

2024 Toyota Century USA Release Date

According to sources from the Japanese company, Toyota could test the US market. The Century is a super-luxurious car and the price of this vehicle in Japan is around $85,000 converted to US dollars. High-end models nearly double the figures. So, the main question is if there will be interest in the 2024 Toyota Century.

Even in Japan, another huge automotive market, only 50 buyers per month decide to buy this vehicle. With the abovementioned competition, Century doesn’t have too many chances. It is not because it lacks premium options, safety and comfort, but the image. This car needs time to build a reputation in Western countries before Toyota becomes competitive with Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Mercedes.

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