2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser Teasers, Rumors and Future Release Date

The FJ Cruiser is not available in the US for a while. After ten years, Toyota might bring it back. But, the problem is that the SUV was discontinued, with the final edition produced only in 1,000 examples. So, what will exactly the 2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser be? The arrival of the Bronco Sport model made the Japanese carmaker build something special. The new FJ will be a small electric SUV capable of an off-road drive.

The teaser image splits the opinions. However, it seems like more fans can’t wait to see the new 2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser, or whatever it will be called. Details are still unavailable, with more than 12 months before the SUV is entering the market. A few things are certain. First, Toyota wants to use the legendary name to lure more buyers. Of all things the FJ Cruiser was offering, the company will try to preserve its off-road capabilities. The vehicle is going to use electric power. Again, not a surprise, since the Japanese company is leaning toward complete electrification of its offer.

2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser price

2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser EV Specs

When a new electric vehicle makes its debut, we usually ask about its range. But, when it comes to the FJ Cruiser, other performances are important as well. First of all, the off-road capability. Toyota will try to keep the legendary feats this model used to offer. It was available in the US 10 years ago, but fans didn’t forget it.

The company is a leading carmaker in the hybrid segment. However, switching to electric vehicles is not so simple. For example, we have a lot of cool concepts of models that are capable of off-road driving. For example, Rivian R1S, or Hummer with its Crab Walk. But, those are expensive features. SUVs equipped for tough terrains consume a lot of gas. So, advertised range of EVs won’t work in mud, sand, or rocky terrains.

However, having in mind that Toyota achieved big things in the hybrid segment, and their off-road packages (especially TRD Pro) are exceptional, we believe that the 2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser can close the gap between the two worlds. Just a reminder – the company did the same 40 years ago when bosses decided to combine performance and luxury on the Land Cruiser SUV.

2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser concept

Concept and First Teaser Images

There is a single electric platform available for Toyota models at this moment. The bZ4X crossover is coming out, but it is questionable how it will work with the 2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser. As a small SUV, it won’t be so complicated to engineers to build a capable configuration.

We have the first teasers, but the FJ Cruiser could look totally different when it debuts. Well, the image shows everything a fan of the SUV wants to see – a classic boxy look, huge wheelarches, tucked-away bumpers and plenty of space under the body. Interesting, Toyota won’t go with a two-door layout, or it might be an additional option like it is with the Jeep Wrangler. Skid plates are also there, promising off-road adventures. Teaser images are not showing – but the new FJ Cruiser is going to get the best suspension setup for the toughest challenges.

2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser Price and Release Date

Experts believe that the new 2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser will cost around $45,000. But, an electric vehicle with exceptional off-road capabilities might have a significantly higher price, despite its size. On the other hand, the FJ Cruiser might get the entry-level version like the 4Runner. Be sure that the top of the line 4×4 options won’t be cheap.

The arrival of the 2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser is yet unconfirmed. We can find rumors about the “Baby Cruiser” with an electric drivetrain, as a part of the upcoming 10 EV models coming out by 2025. Toyota is yet to announce their real names.

2024 Toyota FJ Cruiser release date


The FJ Cruiser is one of the iconic nameplates, and ever since it left the US market, fans were looking into suspicious reports, rumors and speculations, trying to find out more about its return. The question was not about the comeback, but only the date. Now, more reliable sources are available, and the 2024 FJ Cruiser might be back. A bit of a surprise is an electric drivetrain. But, having in mind that the entire fleet will be all-electric by 2030, we can’t argue with that.

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