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HiLux is the most popular truck in the world. In the US, it sells as Tacoma. Well, there are differences, but basically, that is the same pickup. Reliability is the best thing the 2024 Toyota HiLux is going to offer. Besides that, the new model is going to introduce changes that will make it more appealing.

The truck could be fully redesigned since the last update dates from 2020 and the current generation is becoming outdated. Also, the next-gen Tacoma is also due in 2024 or 2025. So, we can monitor changes on both trucks to find out details about the facelift and other changes.

One of the most anticipated versions of the truck is the 2024 Toyota HiLux hybrid. For some while, we can find rumors about this configuration. However, the company is yet to build such a system. For the HiLux, the main drivetrain is diesel. Also, you can find the pickup with a petrol engine.

2024 Toyota hilux gr

Engines and Specs

A turbodiesel mill remains the top option for most truckers. The 2024 Toyota HiLux will continue using a 2.8-liter D-4D engine with 150 kW (201 horsepower) and 500 Nm of torque (370 lb-ft). The towing capacity is 3,500 kg (7,716 pounds) with a 4×4 drive. Standard configurations are able to haul 2,800 kg (6,172 pounds). Manual transmission pairs the engine. Optionally, you can replace a 6-pace case with an automatic with the same number of gears. On the 4×4 packages, the rear differential lock is also included. Depending on the configuration, the mileage is between 28 and 32 mpg.

Since the launch of the current generation, a few more diesel units were also available. But, the company discontinued the most and rare markets will have alternatives to the 2.8-liter displacement using diesel fuel. However, a 2.7-liter petrol mill is there. It is downpowered compared to the diesel unit, producing 110 kW (148 horsepower) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft). Still, it is enough to tow as much as the diesel counterpart. For the petrol engine, a 5-speed manual transmission is an alternative to a six-speed automatic. Petrol engine consumes more fuel.

2024 toyota hilux d4d specs

Hybrid Truck

It is not a secret that Toyota is working on a hybrid engine for their trucks. In the US, the larger Tundra is already out. But, the I-Force Max configuration is producing extra power, not saving too much fuel. Again, Toyota already have some configurations that can be deployed on the Hilux hybrid. For example, Rav4 Prime gets 302 hp thanks to the combo of 2.5-liter petrol engine and a potent electric motor. Those seem like good outputs for the 2024 Toyota HiLux hybrid. But, the question is if this setup can help the truck in towing.

2024 Toyota HiLux GR Package

The Gazoo Racing team had a lot of job recently. There are a few GR models on the market and one of them is the pickup truck. There is no reason why the company would cut it from the upcoming model. The 2024 Toyota HiLux GR is inspired by rally races. According to announcements, the vehicle is going to use a 2.8-liter diesel engine, but without special enhancements. The focus is on the drive impression enhancement. Limited slip differential and suspension upgrades will make this truck go anywhere. If you want to read more about it, HERE is the full review.

Toyota Tacoma Redesign

Tacoma is the best-selling mid-size truck in the US. We already mentioned that HiLux is for the rest of the world. This is not happening by chance. Truckers recognize building quality, but also appreciate reliability, performance and resale value. Still, the US market is the top stage and Tacoma faces tough competition, like Chevy Colorado and Jeep Gladiator.

A diesel engine is not an option in the United States. Instead, the Tacoma truck is using a 3.5-liter V6 engine as the most favorite configuration. A 2.7-liter is also there. The GR model is expected, but the TRD Pro is the ultimate upgrade. It makes the truck one of the best off-road vehicles in the US. If you want to read more about Tacoma and its configurations, you can read the review HERE.

2024 toyota hilux towing capacity

2024 Toyota HiLux Release Date and Price

The GR model has just debuted. It bought some time to the company to develop the new 2024 Toyota HiLux. Still, we can’t be sure that a complete redesign is happening, since there are no official announcements. Also, there are no spy photos to give us some hints.

The new model will bring the price update as well. Expect a significant increase of the cost for every trim level. For example, the MSRP in Australia starts from 24,000 AUD (17,000 USD). The base Tacoma in the United States comes with a price tag of $27,000. High-end versions are above $50,000.

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