2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max Hybrid Release Date, and Specs

There are only a few things Toyota announced about the next-gen Tacoma. We know it is coming next year. The latest update confirmed the 2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max hybrid. There are still no words about the EV truck. Also, we expect changes on the TRD Pro version. The teaser image includes this badge, so it is now less likely to see it replaced by the new Trailhunter off-road package.

But, what is the 2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max?  We saw this name being used for the Tundra’s powertrain. However, a mid-size Tacoma is not going to get a large V6 with 400+ hp under the hood. Instead, the I-Force technology might be carried over to the turbo-four engine. It should result in a higher output. The I-Force Max is a hybrid configuration, which will push numbers of towing and torque even higher.

2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max Hybrid

2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max Specifications

There are no details about the upcoming 2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max configuration. We can only compare the system to the existing setup available for a larger Tundra. Well, it is using a 3.4-liter engine and the Max stands for a hybrid enhancement. So, the I-Force Max on the full-size truck delivers 437 horsepower, which is way too much for the midsize Tacoma. Currently, the pickup is using a 3.5-l V6. However, it can deliver 270 hp.

So, we are looking at the recent moves by the Japanese company. On Tundra and a few other vehicles, engineers dropped a V8 engine and installed turbocharged V6s. The same happened to some naturally-aspirated six-cylinder units, which were replaced by turbo-four plants. Also, Tacoma’s main rival, Chevy Colorado, is now producing 310 hp and 430 lb-ft. Toyota will try to beat this.

One of the configurations that can be suitable for the next-gen Tacoma is already available for the Crown sedan. The base version combines a 2.5-liter petrol engine a pair of electric motors to deliver 235 hp. This is not a bad start for the pickup. But, the real deal comes with a turbo-four engine that cracks 340 hp. Also, the new Crown Prime will introduce a PHEV system next year. Those numbers seem to be perfect for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max, but those systems are not carrying this badge on the Crown sedan.

2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max release date

Better Gas Mileage, Questionable Towing Capacity

There are no doubts that the new hybrid configuration will return better fuel economy numbers. For example, Crown and vehicles that use a similar configuration can offer 40+ mpg. Well, the truck doesn’t need boost here, but in the towing capacity. The current pickup can haul 6,700 pounds, which is 1,000 lbs less than the Chevy Colorado Diesel. Also, the new Jeep Gladiator is better if you are looking to tow more.

So, for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max, engineers must maximize the towing capacity, even if it brings a lower mileage. Experts don’t think that basic hybrid can meet demands. On the other hand, Tundra I-Force Max hauls more than its V8 predecessor. Until the truck debuts, we won’t know precise output numbers and hauling potential.

2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max

Next-Gen Tacoma Debuts in 2024

New drivetrains are just a segment in the complete overhaul of the 2024 Tacoma. As planned, the company is launching a new generation for the next year. The truck is getting a fresh look, and so far, we have only parts of the complete image. Toyota is teasing fans but doesn’t provide details. Those official photos are showing the rear end of the pickup and the big TRD Pro badge. The new package was expected, but rumors also mentioned replacement after the debut of the Trailhunter concept. So, it seems there will be two off-road-ready packages for the midsize truck.

2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max Release Date

The company is preparing the launch of the next-gen Tacoma and it will happen in the second half of the year. Teaser images indicate that the development is in the final phases. But, for all the details, we will have to wait for the premiere. Then, the company will bring out output numbers for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma I-Force Max. The sales will start late in 2023.

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