2024 Toyota Tacoma Redesign Revealed With Hybrid Version

Model for the 2023 season came out unchanged. So, it was obvious that the 2024 Toyota Tacoma redesign is inevitable. The truckmaker confirmed the new version of the mid-size pickup, and now we are looking for further details. Tacoma is the best-selling model in the segment and the revisit will cement its place at the top.

Of course, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma redesign is there to update the look of the truck. Both exterior and interior are under revisit. A fresh appearance in the combination with a cozy cabin will draw more buyers. But, the main change is happening under the hood. The truck is about to introduce a hybrid drivetrain with similar towing capabilities as the model with a petrol unit, but better gas mileage. Also, the PHEV is possible. That makes the diesel rumors officially dead, even to those who believed in it all these years.

Also, let’s not forget about the TRD Pro package. Expectations are big after the announcement that the off-road version is also taking some changes. Again, Toyota was not coming into detail. Tacoma is not the only vehicle using it. Its larger sibling, Tundra could bring the new TRD Pro version even in 2023.

2024 toyota tacoma redesign hybrid

2024 Toyota Tacoma Redesign Details

The interior of the truck is being revisited for every season. Nevertheless, the layout is the same, and only the features list changes. The pickup is more comfortable and smarter than before, offering extra safety systems and more from the infotainment center. But, when we say the 2024 Toyota Tacoma redesign, we expect a total overhaul. Even the new generation is not excluded.

With more than 12 months until its release date, the company is not releasing details about the truck. Also, the redesign will change the exterior look. The platform stays the same, but some modifications will be made so the Tacoma Hybrid can maximize its potential. In 2020, we saw a few changes on the front fascia. Now, a larger portion of modifications will draw attention, all around the pickup. Plus, Toyota will reshuffle the options and make some high-end options available at the lower-level trims.

Standard Engines, Towing Capacity, Fuel Economy

A 2.7-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine is the base choice for the Tacoma. Some say this unit is going to be dropped for the upcoming edition. Well, delivering 160 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque is lame. But, the price looks attractive and there are truckers opting for this one. The gas mileage is not so good, and it becomes worse with an AWD.

But, a 3.5-liter V6 is making the truck one of the most reliable options on the market. The 2024 Toyota Tacoma redesign is changing a lot of things, but this engine should remain under the hood. A six-speed gearbox sends power to the rear wheels and all-wheel drive is optional. Some configurations also offer a manual transmission. The towing capacity is 7,000 pounds. The gas mileage is 19/24 mpg at the base setup and the truck consumes more fuel as you load it with extra features and optional packages.

2024 toyota tacoma redesign spy photos

2024 Toyota Tacoma Redesign To Introduce Hybrid Drivetrain

The Japanese company is replacing bigger displacements with smaller, turbocharged engines. We saw that on big rigs, as well as on the Highlander SUV. Also, the new Lexus TX is going to use a performance-oriented setup centered around the turbo-four plant. It can deliver 370 hp and Tacoma could carry over this configuration. Still, the company officials are not unveiling details about the hybrid truck.

So, all we can do is guess and compare it to the rest of the lineup. This one seems like one of the best options, alongside the PHEV system used by the Rav4 crossover. In this case, a 2.5-liter engine and electric motors can do 300 hp. It is a lot of power, but engineers need to tune the system and turn this power into towing capacity.

2024 toyota tacoma hybrid

2024 Toyota Tacoma Redesign and TRD Pro Changes

Toyota Racing Development is a special sector of the company that enhances the performance of vehicles. For the truck and three other models, there is a special off-road TRD Pro package. Tacoma is one of the favorite 4×4 rides thanks to this version. It debuted in 2015. Besides the mid-size truck, Tundra and 4Runner SUV offered the TRD Pro trim. Now, the Sequoia SUV is also a member of the exclusive lineup. In the future, maybe some other vehicles could join the squad.

Anyway, before that happens, the company is revisiting the package. It raised a lot of questions. Of course, Toyota will keep it a mystery until the release date. The last update included a snorkel and a unique color option for this truck. The new package will definitely make the Tacoma even more capable for off-road adventures. The bad thing is that the price will go up.

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