2025 Lexus ES Redesign, Hybrid and F Sport

After the debut in 2018, the Lexus ES had only small changes in past years. Interestingly, only for the 2023 YM the Apple CarPlay added. Toyota and Lexus tried to compete with leading smartphone services in the market, but those companies couldn’t keep pace with innovations brought by owners of Apple and Android platforms. Now, those are also available on the 2025 Lexus ES as a part of the improved Lexus Interface Multimedia System.

The luxury car is available with a classic engine configuration, while the hybrid version offers a good alternative. There are also a few other options buyers can select when ordering the 2025 Lexus ES. For example, the F Sport trim level is the most favorite upgrade. Still, it won’t enhance the drivetrain, but the overall experience is totally different like you are riding some other sports car.

The redesign will also make this vehicle even more interesting. After the revisit, both the exterior and interior are going to draw more attention. We still don’t know precisely what will be new, but the ES will find inspiration in other recently updated Lexus vehicles. Still, the dimensions stay approximately the same. The car is positioned between the LS as a full-size model and IS, a smaller sibling.

2024 Lexus ES interior

Under the Hood

The base model offers a naturally-aspirated 2.5-liter four-pot engine. the plant can produce 203 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. Reliability is its key advantage and the company is using it on many other vehicles, including the flagship crossover Toyota Rav4. The gas mileage of the ES 250 package is 25/35 mpg. If the redesign makes it lighter, expect higher numbers in the fuel economy segment.

The 2025 Lexus ES 350 comes up with a 3.5-liter V6. Of course, a larger block promises more fun. The power output jumps to 302 hp and the torque increase to 267 lb-ft. Of course, the entire system is thirstier. Still, on the highway, the ES 350 still can do more than 30 mpg. An 8-speed automatic transmission shifts power to front wheels. Some fans hope that the new ES is coming out with an all-wheel drive as the optional system.

2025 Lexus ES Hybrid

Another option for buyers is the 2025 Lexus ES hybrid with the ES 300h badge. This system is based on a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with internal combustion. Then, there are also two electric motors to give a boost to the gas mileage, which reaches 45 mpg! On the other hand, engineers didn’t work too much on the power outputs enhancement. The ES Hybrid cracks 219 hp. Also, a CVT gearbox is a router. For the new car, the company might deploy the PHEV configuration, also centered around a 2.5-liter unit. In this case, power numbers go up, while the fuel economy is not suffering too much. Still, the ES plug-in hybrid will still be able to return more than 40 miles per gallon.

2024 Lexus ES Hybrid

2025 Lexus ES Models

The company will redesign the car, very likely, but the trim levels are staying the same, that is for sure. A new version might be added as a limited-time offer. So, the base package is now there with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Lexus Interface Multimedia System. It took a while, but the company developed an excellent infotainment system that will meet the expectations of the most demanding buyers. Also, the base offer is going to include simulated leather upholstery and Pioneer audio.

The 2025 Lexus ES F Sport won’t be available with a four-cylinder engine. But, if you upgrade it to the V6, that opens more choices. One of them is the most favorite trim level for the sports car. After the redesign, the unique grille, headlights and interior are going to highlight this model. To make a ride sportier, there are unique suspension and braking systems. Spoiler is at the back, while inside, you find a unique steering wheel. Special buckets replace ordinary ones and the standard F Sport package comes with 19-inch wheels. Larger rims are available as well.

Two top trim levels will still be Luxury and Ultra Luxury. The company will keep the best options for those two. A huge infotainment system screen, premium audio, navigation, leather upholstery, HUD, advanced driver’s aid features, and many other accessories will be included. To make them fresh and tempting, the company will reshuffle the current offer.

2024 Lexus ES F Sport

2025 Lexus ES Release Date

The redesign will put the 2025 Lexus ES under the spotlight. The development is in the advanced stages, but the company will need some extra time for the final touches. We are eagerly waiting for the updates, not only about all the changes on the new car, but also the pricing. The current version is starting from $42,500 with either 4-cylinder or V6 unit, while the hybrid costs $49,000. The F Sport adds $6,000 and the Ultra Luxury package is worth $10k.

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