2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid Specs and Outputs

A piece by piece about the new 4Runner is being unveiled. The off-roader goes through a big redesign before it hits the new generation. Besides styling changes, there are also some works under the hood. The 2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid is likely to replace an old configuration. Durability is not a priority anymore, although engineers will have to make a great job to make a new system reliable and long-lasting. The new SUV won’t be fuel-efficient like the Highlander. Instead, Toyota is going to use the I Force technology to maximize power and performance.

The Japanese company is not denying the development of the all-new 4Runner anymore. But, they won’t give out any details before the official premiere. We can collect data from our sources and check other debuts to get something more about the popular SUV. The debut of the Tacoma truck is the most interesting. First, two vehicles will share the same platform. Second, both will be released in a few months apart.

We could assume Toyota is replacing the existing engine. The 4Runner is not the first vehicle to see this change. Instead of big displacements, the company now uses more efficient, smaller and turbocharged units. For the 2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid, that will probably be a turbo-four with electric support and an output of 270 hp. Don’t worry, there are also other configurations that can burst up to 400 ponies.

2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid i force

2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid I Force System

While there are no explicit details about the SUV, we can use what we know about the Tacoma and see if it fits into the story about the 2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid. The all-new truck is confirmed. First two details fans could find out are the comeback of the TRD Pro package and that pickup is using the I Force Max system. The 4Runner with the same system won’t be a surprise.

For the Tacoma, a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine is the base for all configurations. In the base form, it doesn’t get support from a hybrid system. So, it throws out 228 hp through an 8-speed automatic transmission. Add an extra charge and outputs jumps to 278 hp and 318 lb-ft. It is more than the previous V6 could do.

But, the 2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid is also getting electric support with a 1.9-kWh battery and 48V motor. The result is 326 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. This is going to be enough for the high-end SUV versions popular among adventurers. The change from a bigger unit won’t be felt. The system is already deployed for some Toyota and Lexus vehicles. If this hybrid is good for Tacoma and meets towing expectations, it will work fine for the SUV.

2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid

2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid TRD Pro

Besides the new engine, the company is also working on the new off-road specialist. The 2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid TRD Pro is the SUV to watch. The off-road capabilities of the vehicle made it famous. This package only cemented its place in the market. There are rivals, but only Jeep Wrangler can do the things the 4Runner does with the TRD Pro package.

For the 2025 season, ten years after the debut, the company is ready to make some changes and upgrade the 4×4 system. There are no details, but it is not hard to guess that top of the range features will be there, such as Fox shocks, unique damping and suspension system, skid plates, all-terrain tires… The ground clearance is higher and there will be a few TRD Pro badges inside the cabin.

2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid trd pro

2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid vs Jeep Wrangler 4xe

The 2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid is something new for fans of off-road adventures. But, the Japanese company is a step behind its biggest rival. The Wrangler 4xe is a plug-in hybrid model with even more power than the 4Runner I Force. A mighty battery pack enhances outputs of a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine to burst 375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. It can even go by using the electric motor only and cover 21 miles.

We are sure Toyota won’t let it go so easily and the PHEV system is coming for the mid-size SUV. They made some impressive results in other segments, such as 302 hp/38 mpg ratio for the Rav4 crossover. For a larger SUV more effort is needed, but Toyota rarely disappoints its fans.

When Will the Hybrid be Available?

As soon as the all-new 6th-gen 4Runner debuts we will see the complete engine lineup. Tacoma uses the base configuration only for the entry-level package. More power from the same system and a hybrid come with higher grades. Both vehicles will probably get the plug-in hybrid version as well, but even rumors are limited about those upgrades. The price goes up and most versions of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid will cost more than $45,000.

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