2025 Toyota 4Runner 6th-Gen: Everything You Need to Know About the New King of the Off-Road Drive

It is time for the complete redesign of the iconic Toyota SUV. Fans have been waiting for a long time for the update, and the 4Runner is coming as an all-new vehicle. More details will be available next year. For now, we know about the fresh look and a hybrid drivetrain. Plus, the off-road performance will be taken to the next level. The 2025 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is coming back better than ever. Also, the Trailhunter version is possible.

The 6th-gen 2025 Toyota 4Runner will be more competitive against the main rival, Jeep Wrangler. Both SUVs are off-road specialists and a few steps ahead of other competitors. Jeep made a strong impact with the PHEV system and the Wrangler 4xe model. Now, it is time for Toyota to respond. We can expect big things, having in mind the Japanese carmaker is a leader in this segment.

2025 Toyota 4Runner release date

2025 Toyota 4Runner Redesign and First Renderings

The truck-based SUV is using the same platform as the Toyota Tacoma. There are the first teaser images of the mid-size pickup, but these are not unveiling too much. The tailgate is not important for the 2025 Toyota 4Runner. But, the TRD Pro and I-Force badges on the back are making fans go crazy. The company is not unveiling details yet, but big things are happening with the SUV.

Enthusiasts are taking the business into their hands and making first renderings of the 6th-gen 4Runner. It doesn’t mean too much, but we see it interesting how fans imagine the new SUV. The bold design will be inspired by the new Tacoma truck, which is coming out first.

2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid Specs

There are many reasons to believe that the SUV is getting a hybrid engine. Well, almost the complete lineup is offering such technology, either as an optional or standard powertrain. The most recent additions are Corolla Cross and Prius Prime. Also, we saw the Tacoma truck teaser image wearing the I-Force badge. Larger Lexus LX luxury SUV and the half-ton Tundra truck are using this technology. Well, the 2025 Toyota 4Runner hybrid won’t be packed with a high-end version of the system and 437 hp. It is more likely that the upcoming SUV combines a smaller displacement with electric batteries. Still, the output will be above the current level.

A hybrid engine is a perfect replacement for a 4.0-liter mill. The famous V8 from Land Cruiser and Tundra was swapped for a 3.4-liter V6 unit with hybrid system. The same will happen with the V8 used by the current 4Runner. Well, Toyota’s engineers are even replacing V6 plants with turbocharged four-bangers. That way, the efficiency and gas mileage are getting a boost. The main question is about the off-road performance – can a hybrid match the driving impression coming from a V8 petrol powerplant?

2025 Toyota 4Runner 6th-Gen

Off-Road Battle: 4Runner vs Jeep Wrangler – The New Round

The new chapter is about to begin. The all-new 4Runner will definitely draw a lot of attention. Its base models are also good for everyday commuting and family trips. But, because of its size and fuel economy, unibody SUVs are a better choice. When it comes to the off-road drive, no other Toyota can top the 4Runner’s performance.

But, the Jeep Wrangler can. Those two vehicles are competing for a long time. Wrangler made a big move with a plug-in hybrid system. Now, the next-gen 2025 Toyota 4Runner is also becoming one of these vehicles. Although the Japanese company is setting standards in this segment, Jeep is a step ahead here. While we are waiting for the 4Runner Hybrid, the Wrangler EV called Magneto is also under development.

TRD Pro vs Trailhunter

To get the best of the SUV, you need to pick a special off-road package. The TRD Pro is already a legendary version of the 4Runner. The grade debuted on the 2015 YM, and it was also available for the Tundra and Tacoma trucks. We’ve heard that the new version is about to be updated.

But then, the company introduced the Trailhunter. This is going to be the base for all off-road upgrades in the future. It led to speculations about the TRD future and some experts saw the Trailhunter as the perfect replacement. But, with the teaser image of the Tacoma TRD Pro, we can safely say that the ultimate package is coming back for the next generations of both SUVs and trucks.

2025 Toyota 4Runner teaser

When Will 2025 Toyota 4Runner Be Available?

The company is taking time and waiting for the best moment to launch the 2025 4Runner. Stakes are huge and fans are waiting for this SUV for ages. Well, the current generation is 15 years old. Let’s hope the 6th-gen won’t last for such long. Durability and reliability were never questioned, so Toyota carried over the same platform over the years. Also, we must praise the customizable body, with a wide choice of mods available for the current SUV. Unfortunately, the new body will require new parts.

More details are going to be announced next year when the precise release date of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner will be announced. Fans believe that all details will be known by mid-2024, while the sales are about to start closer to the end of the year.

All the changes lead to the price increase. Well, even small modifications on the same model made the MSRP of the 4Runner go up by $10k since the first appearance in 2009. Now, the base price tops $40,000. The new generation will make it closer to $45k. The high-end version is the TRD Pro. The price of this one depends on many things, mainly if engineers are deploying some performance-oriented setup for a 4×4 specialist.

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