2025 Toyota Camry Redesign Details, New Interior, GR Model is Possible

A few years ago nearly half a million units of the Camry hatchback were sold in the US. Now, this number is dropping and we don’t know what the company is about to do with it. Sales of the hybrid model are up, which is expected thanks to the popularization of this type of engine. A superb fuel economy and great performance in urban areas are the reasons that keep the 2025 Toyota Camry alive. However, the company is losing interest in investing in this vehicle, especially with the Corolla Cross hitting the market.

There won’t be an all-electric Camry any time soon. But, the company might upgrade the hybrid system to the PHEV. It will add extra power. Still, buyers love the gas mileage of 52 mpg combined. Power comes with a V6 engine. Yes, it is still available under the hood of the hatchback. For the 2025 Toyota Camry, a turbo-four is about to replace it. We just need an official confirmation about this.

When it comes to styling and design, Toyota has big plans. The Camry is coming redesigned, at least according to spy photos. The company might let the GR Group tune the hatchback like they did with some other sedans.

2025 toyota camry spied

2025 Toyota Camry Engines

The base configuration is far from impressive. But, a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder unit is coming back for the 2025 Camry. It is a 2.5-liter mill with 206 hp. An all-wheel drive is an option. Besides extra cash, it also cost you in horsepower rating that drops to 202. The torque is at 186 lb-ft. An 8-speed transmission is standard and you are getting the best of this engine with regular gasoline. You can get up to 39 mpg with an FWD and on the highway. The combined mileage is 34 mpg.

A V6 is an alternative to the current edition. It delivers 300 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque and consumes a lot more gasoline. Toyota is looking to replace it with a more efficient turbo-four unit. It will probably be a 2.4-liter plant with 270-275 hp. It should easily top the 26 mpg rating of the V6.

2025 toyota camry

Hybrid and PHEV

Speaking of efficiency, the most miles you are getting from the hybrid system. A 2.5-liter engine in combination with an electric motor improves the gas mileage to 51/53 mpg. Surprisingly, higher trim levels consume a lot more gas – 44/47 mpg you can get from SE, XLE and XSE packages. Engineers could do something about it on the 2025 Toyota Camry Hybrid. An automatic transmission is standard and sends power to the front wheels. Interesting, an AWD is not an option.

The next stage of the upgrade is turning the car into a PHEV. By adding more powerful batteries, the system can get more horsepower. The standard hybrid is rated 208 hp. The PHEV can match outputs of the V6 engine, but keep the high fuel economy rating. It will be a  step closer to complete electrification, although the company is not announcing plans yet.

2025 Toyota Camry Redesign and Spy Photos

The test mule is already on the streets and showing first signs of the redesign. Still, there is a lot of time for further upgrades. It is hard to predict what will the 2025 Toyota Camry look like with all the camo on the prototype. The size and shapes seems to be unchanged, so this is about to be a mid-cycle refresh. Revisit of the front and rear fascias with interior upgrades should do the job.

We can compare the new Camry to the Crown sedan, although it is a bigger model. Design solutions are about to be similar. Inside, everything is under a revisit. The upcoming 2025 Camry should provide more comfort and add advanced safety systems. The latest Safety Sense is being added with all the goodies Toyota is offering. Probably a larger 9-inch screen will be the center of the multimedia. A 12-inch display is there on higher trim levels.

2025 toyota camry

2025 Toyota Camry GR

We can also hear rumors that Gazoo Racing is about to take care of the performance version of the car. Bosses don’t say it is impossible. We can even find some “stay tuned” comments. So, what will the 2025 Toyota Camry GR look like?

As every Gazoo Racing vehicle, the car is getting treatments under the hood and around the body to become sportier in every way. A more potent engine should be there. A turbo-four with 300+ hp is a perfect solution. GR could figure out something new and innovative. Sporty bumpers, unique grille, big wheels and rear spoilers are about to complete the image.

Release Date

The new 2025 Toyota Camry will be out soon. The company could even introduce it in 2023. However, sales won’t start so soon, at least not before 2024. We could wait until mid-year to see the all-new Camry at dealerships. The GR model will follow and become available late in 2024, or even in 2025.

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