2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck

There are always rumors about new projects by the Japanese carmaker. Stout truck is currently the hottest one. According to multiple sources, the company wants to join the race in the compact pickup segment. Nevertheless, that is not the only nameplate to appear in speculations. Did you hear about the 2025 Toyota Corolla Cross pickup truck? Well, things are escalating fast. First, we saw the debut of the car-based crossover. Now, it can be turned into a truck.

This is not impossible to happen, even if the Toyota Stout arrives next year. We didn’t expect the Corolla Cross either, with the lineup full of crossovers and SUVs. This one offers some different things, so it can exist in the same markets as the RAV4 and C-HR. The new breed of pickup trucks is based on such vehicles. We have Ford Maverick, based on the Escape, and Hyundai Santa Cruz which shares the platform with Tucson.

Since the info about the upcoming trucks are very limited, we can assume the same things. It includes engines and towing capacities. Also, either 2025 Toyota Corolla Cross pickup truck or Stout could become EVs. With Toyota, there are always plenty of options.

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck Specs

Under the hood of the 2025 Toyota Corolla Cross pickup truck will be the same engine that powers the crossover. The vehicle is also available with a hybrid powertrain. The base setup combines a 2.0-liter engine with a CVT gearbox. This combo is good for 170 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque. Toyota might go with a larger unit, the one used by the Rav4 crossover. In this case, a 2.5-liter mill can enhance the power output. On the other hand, the truck will get worse mileage. Anyway, the towing capacity won’t be impressive. The Corolla Cross pickup will need special equipment to maximize the hauling potential.

A hybrid truck is also very likely to happen. The crossover with the same name is using a 2.0-liter mill in combination with batteries. The system returns 195 hp and 45/38 mpg. This is the perfect outcome for the pickup that will make it more competitive against the Maverick. The towing capacity will be around 1,500 pounds, which is still good for this type of drivetrain. The ultimate upgrade might be the PHEV. Rav4 Prime bases this system around its 2.5-liter petrol unit. Toyota could build a similar configuration with a smaller 2.0-liter displacement.

Those pickups will be an insult for serious truckers owning big rigs. The towing capacity of the 2025 Toyota Corolla Cross pickup truck won’t be over 2,500 lbs. With a hybrid engine even less. The competition is not too far away. Those vehicles are there to make small deliveries in urban areas. When you need a big hauling machine, full-size or heavy-duty trucks jump in as the main choice.

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck concept

When Will 2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck Be Available?

Stories about the truck are just rumors for now. We know the company is working on a compact truck and according to initial reports, its name was supposed to be Stout. But fans found out about the plans and now the company might surprise everyone by bringing another vehicle based on the legendary car’s platform. The latest generation of Corolla did what everyone expected – restored the image of the nameplate. Now, there is already a crossover based on the sedan, and the truck is the next project.


We assume that Corolla Cross truck is not going to be a big vehicle. As a compact model, it will enter the new class of pickup trucks. There are already two models available. Ford made a breakthrough with the Maverick. It is available with a hybrid configuration in the base form, and a turbo-four unit as an optional drivetrain. The only other similar vehicle is Hyundai Santa Cruz. The Korean company developed the truck for too long, and when finally launching date approached, Ford stole the show by bringing its vehicle first.

Now, other manufacturers are trying to catch up. Ram could launch its pickup before Toyota since the Dodge Dakota/Ram 1200 are already being tested. Chevrolet and GMC are more focused on electrification, rather than the compact pickup.

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck ev

Electric Truck

Not only that Toyota needs a representative in the compact truck segment, but also electric pickup should be a priority. Other companies already introduced plans and prototypes. From the Japanese manufacturer, we heard news about the Tacoma EV. The 2025 Toyota Corolla Cross pickup truck might be a model for the electric class, leaving the small truck segment to Stout. Or, it can be vice versa. Anyway, we are listening for the news about both trucks and their future. The manufacturer is not leaving the slice of market to rivals without a fight, and Toyota has the potential and factories to stay competitive.

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