Next-Gen 2025 Toyota Corolla Preview

The legendary sedan is ready for the 13th generation. The first renders are here and it seems fans expect a more upscale vehicle in the future. Plus, the same nameplate is used for the hatchback and the crossover. There will be also a performance-tuned GR version, as well as a hybrid unit. All in all, the 2025 Toyota Corolla will just start the evolution of the entire lineup.

It is early to talk about details, but we can assume in what direction the development of the sedan will go. The 2025 Toyota Corolla will probably keep a petrol engine as the base source of power. But, Toyota is building more and more hybrids. The PHEV is another option, while the Corolla EV is still not an option. The GR version will have high-performance tuning, but this package is reserved for the hatchback.

Not only that exterior styling is taking serious changes, but also the interior of the car will be new. Toyota always upgrades the technology and safety, so we can expect the same from the upcoming next-gen Corolla.

2025 Toyota Corolla crossover
Corolla crossover is a new model

2025 Toyota Corolla First Renders

The vehicle won’t show up before next year. Don’t expect any official info from Toyota bosses in 2023. So, it is hard to guess what the 2025 Toyota Corolla will look like. Next year we’ll see debuts of new vehicles, such as Tacoma truck. Fans used some details from the pickup and used them on the Corolla renders. Nevertheless, that is only a wild guess, rather than the official image of the new sedan.

Nevertheless, it is still an interesting idea. The artist used details from the new Crown crossover concept and used it on the Corolla sedan. The car looks more aggressive and it might revive interest. But, according to some sources, the current generation of the Corolla will be out for a few more years. Ever since the debut of the model in 1966, no series lasted for more than six years. On the current model, that period expires in 2024.

2025 Toyota Corolla hybrid
Hybrid system maximizes the efficiency and gas mileage


Hybrid is already available, but the next-gen 2025 Toyota Corolla might be a hybrid-only. In a year or so, the company will also decide if they will go out with an electric model. In some countries, a 2.0-liter four-pot engine will still be available, although most European markets will offer a 1.5-liter turbo unit.

Hybrid is safe bet for the future. The base Corolla will still use it for sure. A 1.8-liter petrol engine is combined with a battery. The gas mileage exceeds 52 mpg, which makes the sedan a perfect vehicle for a city cruising. The next-gen vehicle will also be lighter and you can expect further improvements in this section.

Gazoo Racing will probably make a special package again. It will feature a high-output engine with 300 horsepower. Currently, a 1.6-liter turbocharged inline-3 mill is capable to do it. But, the Corolla GR is a hatchback only.

The next option might be a plug-in hybrid. It is a logical upgrade from the current hybrid. With a more potent battery, the output will go up, and the car will be able to go by using only electric power. Everything is at a higher level – horsepower rating, fuel economy and performance.

The final stage of the evolution should be an all-electric powertrain. Fans still hope it can arrive for the 2025 Toyota Corolla, but experts doubt in it. If we could learn something from history is not to write off the Japanese carmaker and its tech innovations.

2025 Toyota Corolla EV
Electric Concept

2025 Toyota Corolla Versions

The sedan is the best-known body style, but those cars are under big pressure. Sales are slow and designers can’t do much about it. The versatility of crossovers is killing many other segments as well. But, Corolla is a legendary brand and it evolved a few times. Now, we even have it in a crossover version, which promises that the legacy continues. The hatchback is also there. The Corolla GR is the ultimate package with the best performance and it is only available for the hatch body style. An electric version is also in the mix, but we still don’t know which version will be an EV.

Release Date and Price

The new generation is projected for the 2025 season. There is still a lot of time for designers and engineers for all the upgrades and final tunings. Toyota will take time with the development. The new Corolla sedan is coming out in the second half of the next year. Other versions will follow. The hatchback is going to be out at the same time, or shortly after the base model. Crossover is still new and it might be unchanged for some while.

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