2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid: Eco-Driven Excellence

Toyota is in the process of revamping its Highlander, and the focal point of this redesign revolves around an intriguing innovation: a cutting-edge hybrid powertrain. Anticipate a distinctive appearance and enhanced performance beneath the surface when the 2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid hits the market. Renowned for their dependable and potent hybrid powertrains, Toyota boasts a long-standing presence in this arena, leading us to anticipate the delivery of a robust and fuel-efficient engine that will surpass competitors.

Positioned as a mid-size family SUV, the upcoming Highlander will accommodate up to seven individuals and will be offered in an array of seven trims. Four of these trims will feature an advanced hybrid powertrain. The entry-level trim, equipped with an electrified powertrain, is set to commence at a starting price of $47,000. This move not only emphasizes Toyota’s commitment to innovation but also underscores its dedication to providing a range of options to cater to diverse preferences within the SUV market.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Redesign

According to the latest rumors from Toyota, they are preparing a redesigned version of the Highlander. This popular mid-size SUV will get a new exterior and interior look. Starting with an exterior update, we will see a new front fascia redesign. Including new daily lights. And the new, more futuristic grille. The design language of this SUV will not be changed, and we expect it to carry a style from a previous model. And that means it will have a lot of sharp lines mixed with futuristic details. The body line of the car will be nearly the same, and from leaked photos online, we can see the tail lights will get a slight redesign.

Also, there are some expectations for this model. And these are the new premium color options, including new interior materials. With a special high-quality leather option. We also expect to see a special blacked optician. This means car ascents will be painted black, and this SUV will gain a more aggressive look. There is one more exterior change that we expect from an upcoming model, and that is a new wheel design.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinium

Platinium will be the top tier for the upcoming 2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. It will come with a starting price of $59.000 and go up to $63.000 for a max-spec version. Some of the standard upgrades from a regular model will include a two-tone rim. They will come in sizes of 20 and 21 inches for this trim. One of the most noticeable upgrades from a previous trim will be a luxurious interior that will have premium leather seats. Seats will offer heating and venting options. Panoramic sunroofs and ambient lighting will be part of standard equipment. Same as the new Toyota Sense 3.0 safety system. Also, we expect to see a new 14-inch digital touch display and all modern connectivity options. Including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Some of the premium features that will be reserved for this model are the JBL sound system, new color options, and new premium interior finishes. And a heads-up display with GPS navigation.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Specifications

Under the hood of the new 2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, we will find a new engine. It will be the same displacement as the previous generation. And that will be a 2.4-liter inline-four engine that will be paired with an electric motor. This model will get a noticeable power boost, and from a previous 360 horsepower, it will rise to 420 ponies. The power will be transferred to an all-wheel drive with a new 8-speed automatic transmission.  Thanks to all these upgrades, we can expect the new Highlander Hybrid to be faster, more economical, and have a better-driving dynamic.

The maximum towing capacity should also be improved, and it will rise to 5500 pounds.

One of the most important things about the hybrid powertrain is its fuel efficiency.
The upcoming model of the Highlander is expected to have improved fuel efficiency. The compounded MPG should be around 40 MPG.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Price and Release Date

As we already mentioned, this model’s starting price will start at $47.000 for a base trim with a hybrid powertrain. And the price will go up to $63,000 for a top-tier trim.
The release date is not yet officially known. But we expect to see it hit the market at the end of 2024.

The competition for this model will be the KIA Sorento Hybrid, Toyota Grand Highlander, and Mazda CX90 Highlander.

The 3-row mid-size SUV segment has consistently witnessed intense competition, and it has been steadily gaining a significant portion of the market. Anticipating favorable sales, especially with the 2025 model enhancements, we have high expectations for the new Highlander Hybrid.


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