2025 Toyota Highlander Complete Review: Trim Levels, Grand Highlander, Hybrid

Highlander is the best-selling mid-size three-row SUV. It is also the most efficient one, with a gas mileage of 35 mpg. The 2025 Toyota Highlander is coming unchanged. That won’t make it less competitive with the wide range of choices. We still don’t know if the plug-in hybrid is coming or not. The current hybrid configuration makes the Highlander a top choice already.

You will find six trim levels on the base setup. The company tries to make it up for an underperforming four-cylinder engine. An upgrade under the hood is available, but the 2025 Toyota Highlander hybrid will cost you at least $3,000 more than the standard unit. The Grand Highlander is an all-new SUV, more spacious, but with the same powertrain choices. Read a full review about this model HERE.

2025 Toyota Highlander

2025 Toyota Highlander Pros and Cons

The three-row SUV offers plenty of space for passengers in the first two rows, while the rear one is suitable only for children. Plus, there won’t be too much cargo space behind the third row. That is why the Grand Highlander is offered. It covers both downsides thanks to a 7-inch body stretch. Entrance and leaving the SUV are easy.

Also, the price is a bit higher if we compare it to other three-row SUVs. The Highlander is going to make it up with a superb fuel economy. Hybrid returns 35 mpg, which is a 10-miles saving per each gallon. An average yearly mileage is 13,500 miles. Other SUVs will need 540 gallons of gas for that range, while the Highlander is going to consume under 400. At current prices, that is a $1,300+ saving per annum.

Trim Levels, Favorite Features

The 2025 Toyota Highlander L remains the base version of the SUV. Some of the highlights are 18-inch alloy wheels, 3-zone climate control, 8-inch infotainment display (touchscreen), or 4 USB ports. Safety Sense 2.5+ offers all the standard options you need for peace of mind. The LE adds a few things, blind-spot monitor among others. The XLE is a seven-seater with heated front row, sunroof, hands-free liftgate, and wireless charging pad. You can also replace buckets with bench in the second row.

The Highlander XSE is an upscale version, but it doesn’t cost too much. You will get 20-inch wheels, unique accents around the body, while leather upholstery is still optional. It is standard for the Limited edition. Besides leather, the package upgrades the offer with ventilated seats, large multimedia touchscreen and premium JBL audio. Best of the best features are saved for the 2025 Toyota Highlander Platinum, such as HUD, panoramic sunroof, adaptive headlights, 360-degree camera, etc…

2025 Toyota Highlander interior

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Packages

Options are very similar for the SUV with a hybrid drivetrain. The offer starts with the LE trim and upgrades it with the XLE. The 2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition is a unique grade. Special accessories for this one are bronze wheels, doorsills and interior accents, graphite seats with contrasting stitches, and a couple of 120V power outlets. Limited and Platinum trims sits above the Bronze edition.

2025 Toyota Highlander vs Grand Highlander

The name says for itself – the 2025 Toyota Grand Highlander will be larger. Overall length is 201 inches, while the regular SUV is 194 inches long. The wheelbase is also 4.5 inches longer. That also result in increased cargo space – from 16 to 21 cubic feet behind the third row, and from 84 to 98 cu.ft. with only front seats up. The difference in size also leads to higher fuel consumption of the Grand Highlander. But, 1 mpg is not a big deal for the base version or a hybrid. When you select an AWD, the difference is 2 mpg combined (24 mpg Highlander and 22 mpg Grand Highlander).

2025 Toyota grand Highlander

Plug-In Hybrid

One of the changes we might see on the 2025 Toyota Highlander is a new, more powerful hybrid engine. The Prime version might add batteries of higher capacity, providing extra power, while keeping the gas mileage at a very high level. No other midsize three-row SUV can offer 35 mpg. Still, the PHEV is under the question mark, since the company is currently focused on the new Tacoma, Lexus GX, and other flagship vehicles we expect to see redesigned for 2024 and 2025 seasons.

2025 Toyota Highlander Release Date and Price

Unchanged SUV should mean that the price is going to stay put. But, that is not always the case. Toyota will make minor modifications to justify a small bump in pricing. That shouldn’t be beyond extra $500. The new Highlander is not under the spotlight for the next two seasons. We expect the 2025 YM to appear late in 2024. After that, we can discuss about a bigger update and a full electrification eventually.

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