2025 Toyota Hilux Revo is Not an Ordinary Truck

The new generation of the truck can be expected soon. The company launched the all-new Tacoma in the US. Either way, different markets will offer different versions and packages. The 2025 Toyota Hilux Revo is available in a few countries. You will also find models such as Invincible, Rocco, or GR. The Revo badge might make you think this is an EV. No, nothing like that. The truck is just packed to look more aggressive and perform better.

The 2025 Toyota Hilux Revo comes with the same diesel engine, but other parts will make a ride smoother. It is created to go off the road. Suspensions, shocks, all-terrain tires, and those sorts of things are added. From the outside, it looks bolder and more aggressive. Big bumpers, unique lights, bedliner… some things will be changed if the company introduces the new generation of the truck. But the idea stays the same, and the Revo package will still be available in Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong…

2025 Toyota Hilux Revo price

2025 Toyota Hilux Revo Specs

A 2.8-liter D4D diesel engine is legendary outside the US. Well, the durability of Toyota’s engines is well-known and it is one of the main reasons of high sales. The oil burner is not coming to the United States, although many truckers would love to see it. Engineers would have to put a lot of work into improvements to meet emission standards. Still, the D4D is still there for other markets. Standards are tougher in Australia, but the ute won’t drop a diesel engine.

It creates 201 hp and 500 NM of torque (368 lb-ft). The towing capacity is just over 7,700 pounds. Chevy Colorado, one of the rare midsize trucks that uses an oil burner in the US, was a leader in this segment for a long time with 7,700 lbs. Toyota didn’t bring it overseas even if it secured the #1 spot in towing capacity charts. Plus, a diesel plant is pretty efficient and owners could get up to 30 mpg from a pickup using such an engine. Rear-wheel drive is standard and you can get the Hilux Revo with a 4WD as well.

2025 Toyota Hilux Revo specs

Features and Upgrades

There are some things that make the 2025 Toyota Hilux Revo so special. After the treatment, the truck is coming out with unique bi-LED headlights. This might not be available if the pickup gets into a new generation. But, some other unique parts will make the Revo grade so cool. The goal is also to make the truck tougher. That is why the architecture is reinforced to absorb vibration. The Hilux Revo comes with unmatched stability. Unique shock absorbers enhance comfort and maneuvering. You can go on and off the road with the truck.

The start/stop system is standard and you will get Eco and Power drive modes. The safety package features Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure warning, and a rear-view camera.



Besides the standard 2025 Toyota Hilux Revo, you can upgrade it with unique optional bundles. The new generation won’t change them much. For example, Rally brings 4WD, fog lights, an 8-inch multimedia display, tilt & telescopic steering wheel, but not wireless charging.

The V Edition is another package with a 4WD. Power adjustable mirrors, hill-assist control, and emergency brakes are also added. The Premium Plus model packs the most options. Still, some cool accessories are still unavailable, like HUD, wireless charging, or blind-spot monitors.

2025 Toyota Hilux Revo

2025 Toyota Hilux Revo Pricing

The base price of the 2025 Toyota Hilux Revo, converted to USD, is $30,000, which is slightly cheaper than the Tacoma. Still, the Double Cab is a $6,000 upgrade, and you need it for most optional packages. The Rally is the most expensive configuration. Compared to the Tacoma TRD Pro, it doesn’t seem like a great deal.

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