Next-Gen 2025 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Changes (Hybrid Engine)

What is Tacoma in the US that is the Hilux for the rest of the world. It won’t be too far from the truth if said that this is the best truck you can find in the market. Not only sales are the highest, but you can also see the truck in deserts, forests, and towing big cargo. Military organizations love to use it. Now, the new generation is arriving next year. The 2025 Toyota Hilux will draw even more attention with changes it brings. Durability, reliability, comfort, resale value, off-road edition, and wide range of choices are the reasons why we talk about the pickup as the #1 model worldwide.

After the US, the biggest truck market is in Australia. There we are looking for more details about the 2025 Toyota Hilux. Also, we are following news about the new Tacoma, announced for the 2024 season. From Australia, we get reports that Toyota’s department plans to launch the all-new ute as the 2025 YM. The Hilux will also arrive to Europe, Japan, and other markets soon after the big premiere.

2025 Toyota Hilux

2025 Toyota Hilux Redesign

The next-gen 2025 Toyota Hilux is coming completely redesigned with a fresh look. The company is not testing the prototype yet. Even when this happens, the mule will be under heavy camo. Aggressive grille and front fascia will take the most changes. The pickup might be slightly larger than before, and wider. Toyota is preparing the new compact pickup, probably called Stout. So, the Hilux and Tacoma can be a bit bigger.

Drivers that already had the truck will notice a step up in the technology. Toyota recently updated its systems and the multimedia is one of the things the carmaker can brag about. Here, we can’t compare Hilux with American trucks, since the ute is not equipped so much. However, you can build a premium truck with all the options offered. And of course, the 2025 Hilux brings a new palette of colors.

Hybrid Engine

The new truck is about to introduce evolutionary and revolutionary changes under the bonnet. A D-4D oil burner was one of the most reliable units ever made. In the US, diesel engines are almost done. But in other markets, especially among truckers, those hard-working powerplans are more than welcome. Toyota is definitely going greener in every segment. The new Tacoma is using the I-Force and I-Force Max setups. We believe the 2025 Toyota Hilux might go the same way.

The hybrid unit is a 2.4-liter turbo-four. In combination with an electric battery, this system creates 325 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. We’ll see if the Hilux truck is getting these maximum capacities and how the hybrid setup is going to tow. The fuel economy boost is guaranteed.

2025 Toyota Hilux interior

New Petrol Engine and D-4D Diesel

A 2.4-liter turbo engine also replaced an old V6 for the Tacoma. It might be available for Hilux as well. There are a few configurations we can find in Toyota’s family. Probably the best thing is to compare it to the Tacoma. For the truck, the engine delivers 270-280 hp. Towing capacity and off-road capabilities are better, so fans can’t wait to see the new truck in action.

However, it will be hard to beat the 2.8-liter diesel engine and its durability. This powertrain is the main reason why Hilux is so popular. Dropping it would cause fans’ reaction and they could think of other trucks with diesel units. Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, and even Ford Ranger are relying on oil burners. Mazda is launching an all-new diesel mill next season. So, Toyota sticks 100% to its D-4D system.

2025 Toyota Hilux Models Around the World

During last few seasons, the company launched a few interesting packages in different parts of the world. One of them is the Invincible X, the standard trim level in Europe. This is the high-end grade with plenty of premium upgrades and a 4WD. In Australia, Rugged and Rogue packages are drawing attention with their off-road skills. Those are counterparts to the TRD lineup in the US. The eye-catching detail is a snorkel.

Speaking of the TRD – the new 2025 Toyota Hilux might get this wild off-road grade. The top version is the TRD Pro, but this one is exclusive for the US market. Even a lighter modification of the package would be good enough for Hilux and its fans. On the other hand, it might cost too much.

next gen 2025 Toyota Hilux

2025 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Price

The new Tacoma is already on the way and it debuts as the 2024 YM. The new Hilux arrives with a delay. The release date of the 2025 Toyota Hilux is not set yet, but we can expect the premiere soon. The price is going up, that is what we can guarantee. A cheaper alternative is coming out next year. Toyota Stout will be a smaller sibling and it can unveil something about the all-new Hilux and its styling.

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