2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric Preview: Expectations, Range, Production Start

After a hybrid and a PHEV upgrade, the time has come for the EV version. The first news about the 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric is out. The crossover is coming as a concept vehicle first, while the production is likely to start later. The all-electric model should be in sales by the 2026 season.

For now, we only have a few renders of the upcoming vehicle. The company is not unveiling details yet. The 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric is the next step in the evolution, after the huge success of the hybrid and PHEV model. The first one broke the 40 mpg mark. Now there are other compact crossovers delivering the same mileage. Then, the Rav4 Prime stepped in, boosted the power output, kept the mpg rating and offered some electric range. Ever since it happened, we are just waiting for the announcement of the all-electric model.

Rav4 is the best-selling compact crossover in the past few years. Versatility, performance, and resale value are just a few reasons. Other companies somehow manage to stay in the game. But, as they think their models are catching up with the Rav4, Toyota always brings something big. This time, it is an EV.

2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric range
bZ4X might borrow the platform for the new Rav4 EV

Specs Of the 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric are Still Undisclosed

Not only the performance but also the look of the new 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric is still a secret. The company is not coming out with solutions yet. All we know for now is that Toyota is seriously considering the start of development of the new vehicle. Carmaker’s officials also made a few hints in the past that the popular crossover is going all-electric in the foreseeable future. Well, the entire squad will end up being EVs at some point beyond 2030. For now, the Rav4 EV is just an idea.

One of the biggest leads is the carmaker’s public statement about 30 new EVs. It was easy to recognize trucks and vans. Soon after that, the electric Tacoma was confirmed. But, among 30 vehicles, there were plenty of crossovers and SUVs. So, it is hard to say which of them represented the Rav4. It was not hard to guess that popular nameplates would have a priority in the development. Lexus already added a couple of fully electric models to its lineup. Now it is time for a few Toyotas to be launched.

We can compare the upcoming 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric to the Lexus RZ. Yes, it is bigger, but the RZ is also larger than the Lexus UX 300e, and both vehicles ride on the same platform. The Rav4 is about to join the squad. That means we can expect 150-300 miles of range. Base versions of the UX and RZ can do the lower end, while upgrades push the limit, as well as the price.

2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric interior

Reviving an Old Idea

This is not going to be the first electric Rav4. The first appearance crossover had in 1994, and three years later the EV debuted. Model lasted for 5 years. Then, the company discontinued the production, eventually restarting it with the fourth generation of the vehicle in 2012. This time, it lasted even shorter.

The first generation of the EV was sold only in California. The performance was not great – the crossover needed 15 seconds to hit 60 mph and the range was below 100 miles. Atop of all – Rav4 Electric was very expensive. The first revival in 2012 brought some changes. Still, the base range was under 100 miles. Charging was faster and you could buy the crossover in more states.

New 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric

Another 10-year hiatus is behind the Rav4 EV. The second comeback is the most promising so far. Still, one thing worries the fandom – Toyota is not a leader in the EV segment. Hybrids and plug-in systems are dominating the market. The new 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric will need to elevate the game to new levels to be competitive.

It’s best to compare the EV to other similar crossovers already available at dealerships. Nissan Ariya was recently launched. Toyota’s archrival delivers its model with a range of 190 miles and costs $45,000. Ford Mustang Mach-E can cover 200 miles. Other crossovers are smaller, but the 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric still needs to beat them. Kia Niro, Hyundai Kona, Chevy Bolt and Volkswagen ID.4 are already available. We are also following news about the Subaru Solterra. Two Japanese companies are working together on EVs, so it is possible that Rav4 will share the drivetrain with it.

2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric

2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric Release Date and Price

The crossover needs to cost under $50,000 to be competitive. Still, by 2026, when the vehicle hits the showrooms, prices will go up. The 2025 Toyota Rav4 Electric is just a concept that will be introduced, while the production model is going to show up a year later. In 2024 and 2025 Toyota is going to unveil more details and plans about the Rav4 EV.

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