2025 Toyota RAV4 Early Preview, Rumors Analysis

The compact crossover is one of the best-selling vehicles in the family, and the best-seller in the most popular segment in the market overall. RAV4 keeps the #1 place for a quite while, thanks to the upgrades it receives every season. The crossover can return 40+ mpg, or it can make 300+ hp, depending on the configuration you pick. Also, the resale value is excellent. But, the biggest market doesn’t allow breaks. The 2025 Toyota RAV4 needs something to keep the attention of the public, experts, fans and buyers.

We can already hear the first rumors about big changes. The 2025 Toyota RAV4 truck seems less likely now since fans found out about the Stout pickup. It should be the new compact model, based on the crossover and a rival to the Ford Maverick. The RAV4 can offer a few things to make it competitive right from the start.

Based on the bZ4X platform, the company could also turn the 2025 Toyota RAV4 into an electric vehicle. This is a popular trend nowadays, and everything leads to this. In a few years, Toyota will have EVs all across the lineup. Also, the RAV4 is already on the good way, with the hybrid model being around for a while, and the PHEV system added a couple of seasons ago. It can be driven by using electric power only, but the range is limited. The RAV4 should fix that. But, there are many other things to be done before the vehicle hits the market. Toyota has time until the 2025 season.

2025 Toyota RAV4 trd

2025 Toyota RAV4 Standard Offer

There could be big changes on the compact crossover. The vehicle is ready for the big redesign and even the next-gen version. Designers were updating some things every year, but a complete overhaul and a mid-cycle refresh are missing. For now, there are no official statements. Anyway, the company will carry over most of the standard options.

The first one is a 2.5-liter petrol engine with 203 hp. The latest revisit of the powertrain added extra power. Since Toyota is downsizing engines in all other segments, we can’t write off a turbocharged unit for the 2025 Toyota RAV4. We’ll analyze this and other rumors later. The base configuration is also pretty efficient, with the mileage above 31 mpg. All-wheel drive is optional.

Toyota made a strong impact when the hybrid debuted with 40+ mpg. Now, there are a few other even more efficient systems, regarding fuel economy. Again, a 2.5-liter petrol unit is there, but electric batteries help it develop 219 horsepower, and it doesn’t require premium gas. The towing capacity is a bit worse than for the standard setup.

When the competition started to catch up, Toyota made another strong move by adding the plug-in hybrid version. The 2025 Toyota RAV4 Prime will definitely be back. With 302 hp and 38 mpg, there is no need for retuning. The crossover will remain one of the best configurations, but a bit pricey. You can use electric batteries only for driving and the range is 42 miles. An all-wheel drive is standard.

2025 Toyota RAV4 prime phev


The redesign is still a rumor, but it is very likely to happen, either next year or in 2025. Those changes we cannot predict, although Toyota launched a few all-new vehicles recently. Still, the focus is on the 4Runner and Tacoma at the moment. RAV4 is still doing very well in the market.

But, the hottest speculation is about the 2025 Toyota RAV4 truck. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Although, these rumors might cooled down a bit after news about the Stout pickup broke. The company filed for the registration of the trademark. The new spot it open and the Japanese carmaker is going to catch up with Ford and Hyundai. Even if the new compact pickup is coming out under the Stout nameplate, it will be crossover-based, and the original model will be the Rav4.

Finally, the 2025 Toyota RAV4 EV is another option. Such rumors about electric models are kind of universal and we can set them for every vehicle – big SUV, truck… Toyota has the bZ concept and it will be used for future electric crossovers and SUVs. While there are indications about the name of the new truck, we can only guess what will be this EV called.

2025 Toyota RAV4 interior

2025 Toyota RAV4 Prices

With the redesign and styling updates, we’ll see the new pricing list. The 2025 Toyota RAV4 will keep most of the standard trim levels. And no, there won’t be the TRD Pro version for the small crossover. This package is exclusive for big rigs and ladder frames. There will be the Off-Road edition for adventurers as the top of the line version. The base MSRP is going to break $30,000 mark. Hybrid is a $3,000 upgrade, while the PHEV costs now $38,000. Everything depends on potential changes under the hood. If a smaller, turbocharged block replaces the current unit, we can expect an even bigger price jump.

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