2025 Toyota Sienna Minivan is a Better Purchase Than Many 3-Row SUVS

The 2025 Toyota Sienna is probably the best minivan in the US market right now. Well, this segment is suffering because of the versatile SUVs, that offer much more. Dodge Grand Caravan is no longer a competitor. This class still features 3 other vehicles: Kia Carnival, Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica. Many fans already turned to Toyota Highlander. The arrival of the Grand Highlander will put a big question mark above Sienna’s future.

Having this in mind, we can’t expect big changes and redesign of the 2025 Toyota Sienna. The minivan will be a carry-over. Maybe another trim level or optional package can refresh the offer. The company made a bold move by launching the Sienna as a hybrid only. One of the options for the future is adding the PHEV system with even more power.

2025 Toyota Sienna interior

Why Buy 2025 Toyota Sienna?

The body won’t take too many changes, but Toyota will keep tech features up to date and replace outdated ones. Also, the focus is on comfort and safety. If you are looking for performance and power, then big SUVs or muscle cars are way better options.

The 2025 Toyota Sienna will seat 7 or 8 passengers, depending on trim level and configuration you pick. A hybrid engine is efficient, returning 35 mpg. This is a huge leap from a previous model equipped with a 3.5 V6 petrol engine. Still, MPV had to give up some horsepower and now it is rated at 245 hp. Acceleration is far away from anything that can impress. Optional AWD can improve the situation a bit. One of the main reasons why Sienna is so popular is the resale value. We expect from the company to fix the second row, so owners can fold it flat or remove to provide more room for cargo.

2025 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Specs, PHEV System Arrives

Under the hood of the Sienna is now a hybrid system that combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. Total output is 245 hp. Vehicle of this size needs more power for a smoother ride. So, the performance is now a highlight of the minivan. But, Sienna’s gas mileage can’t be matched by any of the competitor. The MPV returns 36 mpg. A CVT transmission sends power to front wheels and AWD is optional.

The issue with low power output and weak performance can be fixed and the minivan doesn’t need to switch to the classic internal combustion setup. Instead, the 2025 Toyota Sienna PHEV could improve the outputs to 300 hp and keep high fuel economy. A larger battery and a modified system are much better option than anything else the Japanese carmaker has to offer.

2025 Toyota Sienna

Grades, Accessories, Optional Packages

One of the good things about the 2025 Toyota Sienna will be that the entry-level LE version is already nicely packed with plenty of features. Some of the highlights are 3-zone air conditioning, seven USB ports, a 9-inch touchscreen and 6-speaker audio. This model takes up to 8 passengers. The XLE offers both this layout and for 7 people. No other trim has this option. Plus, the upscale grade comes with power liftgate in the back, keyless entry, extra climate zone, simulated leather and a sunroof. Plus package is optional and adds a premium JBL sound system, wireless charger and navigation. The XSE is basically XLE with Plus upgrade and some exterior details.

The premium offer starts with the Woodland edition. This is the new grade and with it, you can tow up to 3,500 pounds. All-wheel drive is standard and the suspension is lifted a bit. The power outlet is available. Sienna Limited improves the offer with ventilated front seats, leather upholstery, power-folding mirrors, and 12-speaker JBL audio. Platinum grade is the high-end version with rain-sensing wipers, premium leather, a heated steering wheel and unique headlights. A rear-seat entertaining system is available all across the lineup.

2025 Toyota Sienna hybrid

2025 Toyota Sienna Prices

Without big changes, we expect the price to stay put. That means the base LE starts at around $37,000. The XLE is already a serious upgrade since you need to add $5,000. It also offers 7 and 8-passenger layouts, like no other model in the lineup. Woodland Edition is new and owners will recommend you test the new version of the minivan. Still, its price might cool the interest down. For $47,000, we can by a premium three-row SUV. Sienna Platinum is the most expensive configuration. If the MPV gets a plug-in hybrid system, the price will jump to $60,000.


We can take other minivans as the main rivals to the 2025 Toyota Sienna, but the truth is – buyers will more likely pick a big SUV. Just an example – Highlander costs nearly the same and offers the same hybrid engine, but it is more fun to drive. The only difference is – the 2025 Toyota Sienna will take 8 passengers in the LE and XLE trims.

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