2025 Toyota Stout EV Concept and Preview

New rumors are emerging every day. The fact is – Toyota is preparing the comeback of the Stout truck. Well, it is not official that the new pickup is on the way, but with all the things happening in the market, it is the only logical outcome. The trademark request is filed and now all fans can do is wait for the new info. In the meantime, there is a lot of room for speculations. The latest reports are saying the truck is coming out as the 2025 Toyota Stout EV.

This makes sense. The entire market, including trucks, is moving towards complete electrification. Plus, Toyota announced big plans for the future, where 30 EVs are going to be added to the lineup. The company teased fans with an image of those vehicles in one place, but it shows what kinds of models they can expect. Among them is a pickup truck. At first sight, we thought it is Tacoma EV. But now, when the truckmaker is thinking of a compact pickup, more room for speculation opens up.

2025 Toyota Stout EV truck

2025 Toyota Stout EV Concept

Toyota is one of the biggest automotive companies in the world. Their vehicles are in every segment. The new class is compact trucks, whose pioneer in the US is the Ford Maverick. As an owner of the best midsize pickup here (Tacoma) and abroad (Hilux), it was expected that the Japanese company to respond quickly. Stout is an old nameplate that is going to serve again as a compact pickup and a rival to the Ford Maverick.

Late in 2021, the company announced the masterplan that includes 30 electric vehicles. Development of some vehicles has already started. The first models are already out (bZ4X, Lexus UX 300e, Lexus RZ). As a compact truck, it will be based on the compact crossover and the bZ4X is perfect as the base for further upgrades.

We still don’t have details about the stage of development and a possible range of the pickup. As an EV, Stout will be a unique model in the market. Other companies are also working on compact pickups, and sooner or later, electric Ford, Hyundai, or Chevy will show up.

2025 Toyota Stout EV interior

2025 Toyota Stout EV Specs, Range, Towing Capacity

All we can do is compare the 2025 Toyota Stout EV to existing electric vehicles. The bZ4X is producing 201 hp and 196 lb-ft thanks to a 71-kWh battery pack. All-wheel drive is standard. We expect faster recharging time at home outlets. The quick charger needs 30 mins to top up 70% of the battery, while the Level 2 system needs 9.5 hours for a complete recharge. Normal and Eco modes are standard, while the X-Mode is available through some optional upgrades. The range of the bZ4X is 320 miles. However, it will depend on the curb weight and cargo. The towing capacity is a priority for trucks, but not for compact models. Ford draws attention to the efficiency of the Maverick.

Lexus RZ is another model that can serve for comparison. It is even newer than the Toyota bZ4X. By the time the 2025 Toyota Stout EV shows up, the concept will evolve even more. The luxury SUV has a few configurations. The range varies from 150 to 300 miles.

2025 Toyota Stout EV

Release Date

The 2025 Toyota Stout EV will come out after the base truck with an internal combustion engine. According to our sources, the company plans to launch the compact pickup as soon as they get the green light from the USPTA for a trademark. The small truck will feature both a classic configuration and a hybrid setup. Now, we learn that an all-electric model is also on its way.

The base version will feature a four-cylinder engine. Since such trucks are based on compact crossovers, we see the Stout sharing configurations with Rav4. Some sources reported that a Corolla Cross pickup truck is also possible.

Anyway, the EV is coming only after the small truck is out. Since the company plans them for the 2025 season, the deadline for the release is the final quarter of 2024. The price of the regular truck will start from $25,000-$26,000. The electric model is more expensive, but the company can’t push it too far. We expect it around $30,000 in the base form with the lowest range.


Toyota doesn’t want to leave a piece of the market pie to the competition. The Japanese company is a leader in the midsize truck class, but the compact segment is a whole new world. Ford’s bosses were brave enough to test it. When the Blue Oval announced a compact pickup, they were the target of critics and pessimistic predictions. Now, with the Maverick out, Ford proved them all wrong. Hyundai could be the pioneer, but the Korean company pays the due for the slow development of the Santa Cruz truck. Toyota is not the only company working on the small pickup. Ram 1200 was also spotted. General Motors is also going to join the race, but we still don’t have any info about Chevy or GMC models.

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