2025 Toyota Stout Latest Updates on the New Compact Pickup Truck

Ford started a new chapter with the compact Maverick truck. Many experts were suspicious if this type of vehicle has place in the market. Besides Ford, Hyundai also launched a similar pickup, Santa Cruz. Now, Ram 1200 is on the way, as well as the unnamed Chevy truck. Toyota, as a leader in this segment, won’t let the competition take over the market. The new truck is coming and the first details indicate it will be the 2025 Toyota Stout.

The compact pickup market is evidently growing. While the truck-based SUVs are there to deliver power, towing capacity and space, those car-based trucks are about to be more efficient in urban areas. Experts predict them to become leading vehicles for commercial use. So, the 2025 Toyota Stout will be based on a leading crossover, Rav4. This vehicle offers many options, including a fuel-efficient hybrid system, and even the PHEV configuration.

2025 Toyota Stout price

2025 Toyota Stout Specs

Having in mind what the existing rivals are offering, the base engine from the Rav4 seems like a perfect setup for the 2025 Toyota Stout. It is a 2.5-liter four-banger with 203 horsepower. The towing capacity for the default configuration is 1,500 pounds, but it can go up to 3,500 lbs, if you equip your vehicle properly. Front-wheel drive will be the only system for this engine and the power goes through an automatic transmission. Good thing is that you can get the best of the powerplant with regular gasoline.

Hybrid Truck

Stories about a hybrid pickup are getting old. Toyota is a leader in this segment, but towing capacity and fuel economy are not going along quite well. But, the 2025 Toyota Stout hybrid truck might change that. Such a vehicle doesn’t require high towing potential. Rav4 can do 1,700 lbs. Still, that is significantly lower than the base setup with a petrol engine. Such Ford Maverick can tow up to 4,000 pounds. So, Toyota will play on the gas mileage, which will be the best in class, like for the crossover. A pickup with 40+ mpg is something current configurations can only dream of.

To spice things up, the 2025 Toyota Stout might also get a plug-in hybrid system, called Prime. In this case, the power output goes up to 302 hp, and the fuel economy remains pretty good. Also, the towing capacity is 2,500 lbs for the PHEV crossover. Those are excellent numbers, but the question about trucks and hybrids is still there.

Do you remember Toyota Stout truck?

2025 Toyota Stout Spy Photos, Concept

Toyota is already behind Ford and Hyundai. Even Ram 1200 was spotted recently, meaning the vehicle will probably be out as the 2024 YM. Rumors about the new Toyota truck appeared recently, and our insiders already confirmed that the company is going to bring back an old nameplate. Stout was in production for 45 years over 3 generations. The last edition was built in 2000.

Since the new 2025 Toyota Stout is going to be a car-based truck, the TNGA architecture is going to underpin the vehicle. It is one of the best platforms in the market and the Japanese carmaker sticks to it for some while. But, the next-gen concept is in development. But, until that happens, the Stout will ride on an existing concept.

The new truck was not spied yet. We saw the new Ram 1200 in spy photos, but the response from Toyota is a bit late. Nevertheless, the Stout drew a lot of attention and more experts and enthusiasts will try to get info from their sources.

2025 Toyota Stout release date

When Will 2025 Toyota Stout Be Available?

When the first info about the truck showed up, we thought the development is already in advanced stages and the truck could appear in 2024. But, in mid-2023, we are still missing an official statement about the comeback plans and Toyota’s intention to enter the compact truck market. So, it seems late for the 2024 YM, so the 2025 Toyota Stout is a more likely outcome. Well, the pickup might come as a surprise in the final stages phases of development, so the company might launch it for the upcoming season.

As a small truck, the price is more affordable. The Tacoma costs $27,500. The main rival, Ford Maverick, is priced at $22,500, while the Hyundai Santa Cruz is a bit more expensive. We don’t expect the 2025 Stout to be either cheaper or more expensive, but somewhere between those two. Hybrid will add about $2,000 and the PHEV system is a more serious upgrade that is going to cost you at least $30,000.

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