Lexus Pickup Truck – Is It Time For the Real Luxury Truck?

When someone mentions the Lexus pickup truck, you can’t stay cold. Having all things in mind, this project can’t go work, can it? But, after so many years of speculation, the pickup is not out yet. The company doesn’t have to make it from scratches. There is a proven foundation in the family with Toyota Tacoma and Tundra as one of the best models in their segments. Truckers expected to see the Lexus pickup a long time ago, and the only reason why it is not in production yet is the questionable interest in luxury pickups.

Aside from that, this vehicle could be a perfect mashup made from Tacoma/Tundra trucks and RX/LX SUVs. There is a new nameplate speculated to be the next SUV by Lexus. But, the TX could also be a pickup, the first true premium model in this realm. We have high-end options for leading nameplates. But, with the Lexus logo, everything will be totally different.

Lexus Pickup Truck price

Lexus Pickup Truck Engine – I Force and Hybrid Setup

The powertrain selection depends on the size of the truck. The Lexus pickup truck is going to be a mechanical twin to the either Tacoma or Tundra. If Lexus starts building a mid-size model, then there is a wide specter of choices. Tacoma is using a V6, but all the experts assume the company will replace it with a turbocharged four-banger. As the premium truck, we might see extra power. A 2.4-liter turbo-four seems to be the perfect selection. This setup creates 366 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque and it is already proven on the Lexus RX 500h.

If the Lexus pickup truck becomes the new half-ton truck, the I Force configuration is already replacing the V8 engine. It won’t be any different for the new truck. A 3.4-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine is capable of delivering 390 hp and 480 lb-ft for the entry-level version. If needed, the I Force Max hybrid can put out 435 hp and 580 lb-ft. We’ll see how those systems work on the Tundra. If they are good for the Toyota truck, then they will be perfect for the Lexus half-ton pickup as well.

Or, if we don’t see the truck with Lexus genes in the next couple of years, it could show up as an all-electric model.

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What Will Lexus Pickup Truck Be Called?

We could hear that Lexus plans to add the TX to the lineup. Looking at SUVs and crossovers, we can’t find a pattern. The smallest model is UX, above it are NX, RX, GX and LX is the largest one. But, numbers in the alphanumeric structure indicate what kind of powertrain the vehicles are using. Well, it changed a bit now with the RX 500, GX 550 and LX 600.

However, the TX seems perfect for the pickup, where the T stands for the TRUCK. Anyway, the other letter will probably be different, since cars are not using the same nomenclature. The bottom line is – we have two rumors, about the unknown vehicle called TX, and a premium truck. Put these two together, and it has some sense.

Lexus Pickup Truck release date
There were plenty of ideas over the years

Premium Trucks – Pros and Cons

The biggest question that raises above the Lexus pickup truck is its premium nature. Truckers in the US love big rigs, they spend extra to make them better and more convenient workers, but the posh features are not at the top of their priorities. This is not an issue about the Lexus truck, but also all other premium carmakers that would like to test their skills in the pickup world. Rumors about the Cadillac Escalade EXT return and Infiniti truck debut are as old as those that tell us the Lexus Pickup Truck will come out next year.

Lexus Pickup Truck Price

Another important thing – the Lexus pickup won’t be a bargain. Engines we see on Toyota trucks can haul a lot. But, the premium segment and advanced features increase the price of the pickup. So, the base version is not going to be under $45,000 if the pickup is a mid-size model, and it easily goes over $50k for the half-ton truck.

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