2024 Lexus GS Concept: Hybrid and F Sport

We can say that ES replaced the GS. But, the discontinued model was slightly shorter and positioned between the ES and IS. So, if you ask fans, they will say the 2024 Lexus GS can fit again in the same spot. On the other hand, many experts are already wondering why Lexus is so optimistic about the sedan lineup. While most other companies are discontinuing cars and focus more on SUVs and even trucks, the Japanese manufacturer still gets a nice profit from their premium sedans.

The all-new 2024 Lexus GS is going to be all-new. But, all the concepts we see from this company are too futuristic and far away from something we can imagine on roads. Still, the GS might be an electric sedan. The all-electric sedan platform seems like a production-ready model. We need a name and specs. The old badge is available.

There are no doubt that the redesigned GS is going to be full of advanced features and premium materials. Lexus builds up its name on reliability, so the upcoming vehicle should take the offer to the next level, in every possible way.

2024 Lexus GS

Electric Sedan

Rumors about the comeback came at the same time as the premiere of the electric sedan concept. It seems like Lexus is preparing the future to compete with Tesla, and there are three concepts to do so. We see a sedan, a sports car and an SUV. Also, the company might launch the truck in the foreseeable future. Anyway, there are no further details about the electric sedan. We can expect a range of at least 250 miles and nice performance. Also, the EV also carries advanced options, such as autonomous driving.

2024 Lexus GS Hybrid

From this point of a view, it seems too much to expect the GS as the electric model in production for the next season. So, we can turn to something more realistic – the 2024 Lexus GS Hybrid. The last time we had a system centered around a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Now, the company will probably use a four-cylinder unit. This replacement is already available for the Highlander SUV and a few other vehicles. Two versions were there in the past, GS300h and GS450h.

Toyota and Lexus are focused more on fuel economy nowadays. As we said before, the four-cylinder engine replaces a V6 in new hybrids. Engineers are sacrificing power for better mileage. Well, Highlander traded 60 hp for 12 miles boost per gallon. That is not bad at all if you are not a huge fan of quick acceleration and high performance. A similar thing could happen on the Lexus GS hybrid.

2024 Lexus GS hybrid

Best Model: 2024 Lexus GS F Sport

The 2024 Lexus GS F Sport should be top of a range version of the new sedan. Unless the company decides to launch the performance-tuned GS F with a V8 engine. The F Sport is the high-end upgrade on all Lexus vehicles. There is no performance boost when it comes to the horsepower rating. But, the suspension and brakes setup, as well as some other small modifications, make a ride sportier. Plus, there are body and interior upgrades that make the car meaner. We will probably see a unique grille, spoilers, special wheels, sports seats, aluminum pedals…

The only model that can top that is the 2024 Lexus GS F. That is basically the F Sport, but much better. The main upgrade is in the engine room, where the company uses a 5.0-liter V8 engine. Well, now there are mighty V6 configurations with turbochargers and hybrid support. Outputs can be close to 500 hp, but the performance is not the same as the impression you get from an internal combustion engine.

2024 Lexus GS f sport

Release Date

For now, everything is just speculation. However, Lexus doesn’t intend to cut out more sedans from production. But, there are no details about new ones as well (or in this case – old one). There is a room in the lineup for the 2024 Lexus GS. Also, an all-electric car seems cool. But, that won’t be the old GS we got used to. All in all, we will know more by the end of this year, when the company announces 2024 plans.

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