2025 Lexus LFA and LFA2 EV and ICE Full Review

The supercar is coming back in 2025, Lexus confirmed. Well, the company might use a different name, but it is not unveiled yet. Another certain thing is that sports coupe is going to be all-electric. So, we can call it the 2025 Lexus LFA, or the successor of the vehicle that made a stunning appearance and left something in just two years of production.

There are various sources reporting different things about the 2025 Lexus LFA. For example, Top Gear says the vehicle is going to be an EV. On the other hand, the CarBuzz speaks about the twin-turbo V8 engine and the Lexus LFA2. Also, there is a new concept called ICE. The first vehicle built on this platform is the ROV (Recreational Offroad Vehicle). But, more models are going to adopt the hydrogen cell in the future. One of the future cars using this advanced technology might be the LFA supercar.

While everything is still shady and the company refusing to give a complete update, one thing is certain – the Lexus LFA will cost an arm and a leg. Originally, this car was priced around $300k more than ten years ago. Now, even the base version gained about $100,000, and the optional performance package made it even more expensive.

2025 Lexus LFA

When Will 2025 Lexus LFA Be Available?

The new concept was introduced a few months ago and the company already stated that the production of the vehicle is not starting before 2025. That leaves a lot of space for rumors and speculation. But, there is no too much time to waste, since the competition knows Lexus’ plans. On the other hand, there are no too many other carmakers that can build such a supercar. Again, the 2025 Lexus LFA is going to be a model available for a limited period of time. There is still enough time for R&D departments to make a perfect system.

2025 Lexus LFA 2

EV vs Internal Combustion Engine

Previous version of the LFA supercar made a stunning appearance thanks to its look and performance. Back in early 2010s, electric segment was not so popular and we were seeing large petrol and diesel engines more often. The LFA used a 4.8-liter V10 mill with 553 horsepower. Or, if you were after a more juice, the Nurburgring package was adding 10 extra ponies. The new car will have a task to match impressive acceleration time of 3.5 seconds for 0-60 mph and 11.5 seconds for a quarter-mile sprint. Currently, Lexus and Toyota are dropping large V8 engines, so the LFA could get some high-output twin-turbo V6 configuration. Although engineers can squeeze power, the overall impression won’t be the same.

Another option is to see the 2025 Lexus LFA with an electric drivetrain. From this point of a view, it could be more likely. With plenty of time before the car hits showrooms, it is too early to make predictions. The LFA is going to be a sports coupe with high-performance tuning. Electric motors can return even more impressive acceleration numbers than classic powerplants. But, drivers are yet to get use to the new technology and driving experience.

2025 Lexus LFA and LFA2 EV and ICE Full Review

What is the ICE Hydrogen Concept?

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is still too futuristic and expensive. But, a few companies are still working on the projects that involve hydrogen powertrains. Even now, it seems not to be close to production. Anyway, Lexus launched a new vehicle – an ROV. It uses hydrogen cells and that started rumors about other vehicles using the ICE platform. Well, we can’t compare the ROV to other models the company is planning on the zero-emission architectures. But, be sure that more vehicles are coming in the near future. One of them could be the 2025 Lexus LFA.

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