2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition Review

Toyota confirmed that the Circuit Edition package will be available for the GR Corolla next year. The new grade drew a lot of attention thanks to the upgraded look. It is the third trim for the GR car, after Core and Morizo. The 2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition is a mid-range offer with special equipment and features for this special car.

Corolla is an iconic vehicle. It came back to the US after a short break and you can purchase it in the sedan or hatchback form. Additionally, the carmaker added a hybrid engine, but only for the sedan. On the other hand, the hatchback was retuned by Gazoo Racing. The sporty lineup is now richer for the 2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition.

2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition

2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition Upgrades

This is the mid-range trim level, priced $7,000 more than the base version. However, it is still more affordable than the top trim. Anyway, the 2024 Circuit Edition will pick up some goodies from the Morizo package. Compared to it, there is a lack of torque and the gearing is not as tight. Anyway, it is still very sporty. For example, you will get Torsen limited-slip differentials and heated sports buckets. A carbon-fiber roof is definitely something that draws attention.

Inside, the Circuit Edition is packed with a big 12-inch touchscreen. Also, you will spot red calipers, which as somehow standard for sports cars. What’s more important – this package gets the latest Safety Sense 3.0 system with a lot of advanced features.

2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition is a 1.6-liter turbocharged inline-3 engine with 300 horsepower. The gas mileage of this plant is 24 mpg, which is not a bad result having in mind power output. A 295 lb-ft of torque is reserved for the Morizo edition, while the Circuit keeps the twisting power at 273 lb-ft, like the Core trim. Still, this is enough to sprint 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds. It takes 11.5 sec to reach 100 mph. Compared to the competition, VW Golf R and Honda Civic Type R, the Corolla GR is slightly faster.

2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition release date

Other Versions

The Circuit version sits between Core and Morizo grades. The entry-level model is packed with plenty of notable upgrades, but the engine performance is the best thing about it. Plus, you can purchase the Performance package, to get limited-slip differentials. Still, it lacks torque compared to the Morizo. The high-end model is lighter, thanks to the special forged wheels and other parts. The suspension comes with a unique calibration. Still, we would rather pick the Circuit or even Core grade and upgrade it with additional options.


The 2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition will be available next year, but the company didn’t announce pricing and the number of units they plan to build. For the 2023 YM, there were only 1,500 examples. It is still way more than Morizo edition copies. Since there won’t be notable changes, expect the car to keep a similar price tag, around $43,000 before you start upgrading it. The Core version can save you $7,000, while the ultimate Morizo package requires 7 grands more. White color is standard, while red and metal paintjobs cost $425.

2024 Toyota Corolla GR Circuit Edition price


The 2024 YM is official. Both Circuit and Morizo are limited editions and the company won’t build them for too long. Anyway, fans of such upgrades don’t have to worry. Toyota will always try to upgrade already sporty GR vehicles with its unique options.

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