CAUGHT AGAIN: New 2024 Toyota Prius Spy Shots

At the moment of writing this article, the 2023YM was still unavailable. The Prius is ready for the new generation, but the company still keeps its fans on needles. Since it is the end of 2022, we believe that the fifth-gen car is coming out as the 2024 Toyota Prius.

Spy photos of the new car are available. However, there are no details to discuss them. The 2024 Prius is under heavy camouflage. Toyota is hiding novelties from fans and rivals. That means Prius is about to introduce something new and innovative. Well, everyone expects that from the next-gen vehicle.

The current styling is out of date. The interior and all the features and systems need a revisit more than the exterior. On the other hand, the drivetrain is pretty capable. A hybrid setup is not delivering too much power. But, that is traded for the exceptional gas mileage. The next Prius could beat the 58/53 mpg rating coming from the current edition. Plus, there is the Prius Prime PHEV with higher outputs and similar returns.

2024 Toyota Prius spy photos

Next-Gen 2024 Toyota Prius Changes

The complete redesign of the car should draw attention. Companies are giving up on sedans and hatchbacks, but Toyota still believes in its products. To stay interesting, innovations need to draw attention. So, the Prius is not using a conventional engine, but only hybrid systems. Well, it is not the first time we see this recipe. However, it is a bold move.

The current generation of the car is from 2015 and Toyota updated it in 2020 with a facelift. But, that is not enough. We won’t compare the 2024 Toyota Prius with similar cars, but rather with crossovers, since this type of vehicle are the biggest competition. In the past decade, crossovers and SUVs dominated the market. Many other classes were discontinued. Those who survived had to do something such rivals can’t. The Prius is still above any other crossover with 50+ mpg. But, it won’t last forever. Rav4 is already at 40 mpg with a hybrid system.

2024 Toyota Prius spy shots
Spy shots credits: EE Moby

2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid and Prime Upgrades

The main drivetrains will still be there after the 2024 Toyota Prius introduces the new generation. A hybrid system is a priority, although some say the company could drop it and go only with the PHEV setup. That has no too much sense.

The standard hybrid relies on a 1.8-liter naturally-aspirated engine that can’t produce some stunning outputs. As a matter of fact, the petrol mill does under 100 hp in the base form. But, electric motors boost the outputs with 70 hp on the current edition. Combined, the system cracks out 120 hp. The new 2024 Prius might get a bigger battery and slightly more power. The focus is on gas mileage. The car is already above 50 mpg combined, even with the thirstier all-wheel drive. Don’t be surprised if the new Prius hits 60 mpg in some configurations.

The 2024 Toyota Prius Prime is a version of a hybrid system that will also offer an electric range. The plug-in hybrid is offering very similar, or the same outputs, including horsepower and mileage. This Prime model is not like the one we have on the Rav4 crossover, where it can burst 300 horsepower. Again, depending on the new battery packs, the range of the Prius PHEV could be extended from the current 25 miles of coverage. Also, the recharge system will be more efficient.

2024 Toyota Prius spied


We assume that the new car will enter the market with the L package. A set of 15-inch wheels comes in a new design, and the carmaker won’t stun you with the base offer inside the cabin. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa are standard. The LE is another standard package in Toyota’s family. Parking sensors are probably the most noteworthy upgrades compared to the base package.

The XLE will bring some serious equipment, which already made it one of the favorite trim levels for the Prius. The Limited Edition packs advanced options, such as leather upholstery, zonal climate control, navigation, and HUD. The Nightshade model is still not certain for the 2024 YM. Toyota is leaving room for some changes and special editions. The Prime system is available with all the trim levels but the entry level.

2024 Toyota Prius Pricing and Release Date

As already mentioned, the 2024 Toyota Prius will be the next-gen car. We doubt the carmaker is going to launch it in final 45 days of 2022 as the model for the following year. Once in 2023, it will be late. The car needs advertising, teasers, and all the marketing tricks to alarm buyers and give them some time to save.

The price of the new model will be between $26,000 and $27,000. The LE is still under $30,000. The PHEV system is a $2,500 upgrade. That one, in the combination with the Limited trim, hits $40,000 price tag.


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