2025 Lexus TZ – the First Lexus EV

Lexus will update its SUV lineup. The new LX 600 is already out. The next one is the GX 550. We can hear rumors about the TX as well. In Europe, the company filed for a new nameplate. According to our sources, the 2025 Lexus TZ should be the first electric SUV in the family. Yes, there is the UX with the 300e model, but in this lineup, there are also models with petrol drivetrains. For now, we know the upcoming EV will have two versions – 2025 Lexus TZ 450e and 550e. Also, the year model also varies and the SUV could be a 2026 YM.

Back in 2021, Toyota, a parent company, launched a fleet of EV concepts. Tacoma drew the most attention, but there were SUVs, crossovers and exotic car, probably LFA’s successor. With news about the 2025 Lexus TZ, we are taking photos from the archive and trying to see which model suits the best. One thing is sure – Toyota announced a three-row electric SUV. Could it be the TZ?

2025 Lexus TZ

Expected Release Date

If the SUV is coming out as the 2025 Lexus TZ, the company will launch it next year. If the production is planned for 2026, then the carmaker can take extra time to build a better powertrain. For now, there are no official details about the TZ model, only two versions we found in the European Intellectual Property Office. The EUIPO will give a green light on October 26. In the meantime, the company continues its development. We assume the starting price should be around $60,000. The EV drivetrain is not cheap, but Toyota and Lexus can’t charge a higher price to stay competitive.

2025 Lexus TZ 550e

2025 Lexus TZ Range

The main question about the 2025 Lexus TZ performance is its range. Since there will be at least two versions, fans can expect at least two configurations. The entry-level is going to be the TZ450e. There is a similar setup announced – the RZ450e. If we compare two vehicles, then it is easy to assume the base TZ could get something between 250 and 270 miles. The EV will need around 5.5 seconds for a 0-60 mph sprint, but it also depends on weight. Recharging up to 80 percent will need less than half an hour.

The upscale version, the 2025 Lexus TZ55e, will carry a bigger battery. The range of this one will be over 300 miles for sure. Sprint time drops and the price will be at least $70k.

2025 Lexus TZ 450e

Concept Vehicle

The 2025 Lexus TZ was one of the concept vehicles presented by Toyota in 2021. Well, we can eliminate non-SUVs and find a couple of models that can suit the purpose. There are a few cool solutions among 16 concepts, especially those from the first row. Anyway, there will be a lot of tuning before any of those come out. Also, experts predict the Tacoma EV truck to be the first fully electric model from to debut. Since the TZ trademark is being obtained by the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) we believe the vehicle could debut here first. During 2024 we’ll find out more details about the look, performance and price.

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