2023 Toyota Sienta Specifications and Price

The third generation of the minivan was just released a few months ago. So, the MPV is a long-term solution for a high-capacity passenger vehicle class. The 2023 Toyota Sienta is coming unchanged. Do not mix it with the Sienna, a significantly larger minivan, that can also take more passengers. Usually, vehicles that offer 7 or 8 seating spots are still called SUVs. The MPVs are from 9 passengers. But, Sienta is the exemption from this generalization.

There are no too many markets where you can find and buy this minivan. The Sienta is very popular in its homeland, Japan. Also, the carmaker sells the MPV in a few other Asian countries. For example, you’ll find it in Thailand and Indonesia.

The 2023 Toyota Sienta will be available with a petrol engine. A 1.5-liter mill also comes in a hybrid configuration, excellent for urban driving. In the foreseeable future, an all-electric version could be out. Again, compared to the Sienna, this minivan is outpowered. But, it is not unexpected, having in mind differences in size.

2023 Toyota Sienta mpv

Powertrain Specs and Hybrid Engine

Under the bonnet of the 2023 Toyota Sienta will be a 1.5-liter petrol engine. A CVT transmission sends power to the front wheels, or all four corners if you choose an AWD. The engine delivers 110 horsepower. The minivan is pretty fuel-efficient, returning over 35 mpg. Well, that is the way to make up for the weaker power output.

In case you select a hybrid engine, the mileage jumps to 50 mpg. The same 1.5-liter petrol engine also adds extra power. The 2023 Toyota Sienta Hybrid can do 132 horsepower and 111 Nm of torque. That is a significant improvement, and many buyers are willing to spend extra to purchase this version of the drivetrain. An e-CVT is a new gearbox that works smoothly with the engine.

2023 Toyota Sienta specifications

2023 Toyota Sienta vs Sienna

The 2023 Toyota Sienta is a smaller minivan. We won’t see it in the US, since its power outputs wouldn’t draw too much of attention, although the high gas mileage is impressive. Also, buyers opt for more powerful SUVs with three rows, because of their versatility.

So, the key difference is in size. Sienna is 25 inches long, so it provides more space. The seating capacity of the 2023 Toyota Sienta is seven, while its bigger brother can take up to eight passengers. Due to its extended body, there is more legroom and cargo space. Of course, the difference is in the price too, although the minivans don’t cover the same markets.

2023 Toyota Sienta interior

2023 Toyota Sienta Release Date and Price

Since the latest generation of the minivan debuted this season, we don’t expect any big change for the 2023 Toyota Sienta. Even the price should stay put. In most countries where it is available, the cost is below $20k for the base edition. A hybrid configuration is more expensive, starting at around $25,000. Again, we can compare it to the Sienna – the larger minivan costs $35,000 in the US. Although it is bigger and more powerful, the gap seems to be too big.

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