2024 Lexus Electrified Sport Concept and Production Start Schedule

The prototype of the supercar that inherits the LFA idea is the 2024 Lexus Electrified Sport. It is not the only EV the Japanese company, a luxury branch of Toyota, is about to launch soon. There are also electric sedan and an SUV. These concepts still don’t have names. Some call the Electrified Sport the LFA2. The official statement says the range will be around 430 miles and that car will need just 2 seconds for the 0-60 mph sprint. With such numbers, it will be interesting to see what other vehicles can compete with the Lexus.

The first appearance new concept had late in 2021 in the company’s homeland. The next stop was the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022. There, European fans had a better look at the new car. It didn’t take too long to fans to call it the LFA’s successor. Well, there is a big difference under the hood, but the idea is the same – the 2024 Lexus Electrified Sport will be a high-performance car with a stunning design and a hefty price.

new 2024 Lexus Electrified Sport

2024 Lexus Electrified Sport Concept

The electrification process started in 2005 when the first steps were made. Ever since Toyota and Lexus are developing their EVs and upgraded systems with the latest technologies. The current architecture is called BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle. It debuted with the Lexus Electrified Sport car concept. The company is trying to push the limits of performance and endurance. Still, electric technology is still making vehicles using these kinds of powertrains pretty expensive.

The BEV platform is going to underpin other upcoming electric vehicles by Lexus. When the 2024 Lexus Electrified Sport shows up, we expect it to fulfill announced specifications – 430 miles of range and a 2-second 0-60 mph sprint. For those numbers, the company needs huge batteries or the next-gen technology that will stun the automotive world, even Tesla and its cars.

ICE Concept (Hydrogen Fuel Cell)

The carmaker is leaning towards zero-emission powertrains and not only the EV concepts are under the development. The hydrogen ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) is the technology that debuted on the Corolla Cross H2 model. It borrows the powertrain from the GR Corolla race car. The Corolla Cross is just a concept for now, but we are intrigued if the 2024 Lexus Electrified Sport can take benefits of this type of drivetrain.

A hydrogen tank is added to the Corolla to boost power by 25 percent and torque by 33%. The range is extended and the recharge time is dropped. The FCEV plant debuted on the Mirai sedan and the full potential could be unlocked on the Electrified Sport car.

2024 Lexus Electrified Sport price

Exotic Electric Cars

Vehicles such as the 2024 Lexus Electrified Sport are just concepts for now. But the higher number of EVs in every segment indicates the exotic cars could also introduce electric powertrains. Lexus is not the only, and not even the first such concept we saw. Of course, Tesla is a leader in this world and we expect the most from this carmaker. The roadster concept is not in production yet. But, if Elon Musk promised, it will be delivered. Highlights of the concept car are the hovering feature and output of 1,000 hp.

Lotus is one of the most sought exotic carmakers and the British company is also developing an electric car. Evija will produce unrealistic amount of power – nearly 2,000 hp. Maserati might turn its MC20 into an EV and we also expect a complete electrification of some Ferrari models. The SF90 Stradale is a mighty PHEV for now. Other carmakers involved in the exotic and electric markets are also mentioned in rumors, such as Rimac, Koenigsegg, or McLaren.

2024 Lexus Electrified Sport concept

Other Lexus Electric Concepts

We are following news about the entire Lexus electric lineup. The supercar is definitely a favorite to draw attention, but not too many buyers will run to purchase it. Sedan and SUV are also there. The RZ is the first official nameplate added to the offer. The SUV is going to cost $60,000. Having in mind that gasoline-powered RX starts from $50,000, this looks like a bargain. Premium and Luxury packages are available for the RZ450e. Sedan, like the supercar, is still under development.

2024 Lexus Electrified Sport Release Date and Price

The 2024 Lexus Electrified Sport concept might debut next year, but the production of the exotic EV won’t start so soon. The company will do everything to pack a perfect car with advanced technologies and probably autonomous driving. A few years ago, bosses mentioned Level 4, but no company ever did Level 3. Actually, the differences between these two stages of autonomous drives are not too big. Experts believe that carmakers will skip Level 3.

All those advanced features and a powerful drivetrain will lead to a hefty price. It is hard to make estimations with limited info. The 2024 Lexus Electrified Sport won’t cost under $150,000 and the price can break the $200k mark easily depending on all the gadgets the LFA’s successor is bringing.

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