Next-Gen 2025 Lexus IS: What We Know so Far?

The smallest luxury sedan in Lexus family is finally ready for a full redesign and the new generation. The 2025 Lexus IS launches the fourth series, the first one after 2013. There is still a lot of time until he new vehicle debuts, so the company is trying not to unveil details about the redesign. In 2021 we saw changes on front and rear fascias. The upcoming IS lineup will change that. Also, expect some updates under the hood.

There are a few alternatives in the compact luxury sedan class. For example, if you like German styling, there are BMW Series 3, Audi A4, or Mercedes C-Class models. Genesis made an impact with the G70. The only domestic vehicle in the US for this class is Cadillac CT4. Lexus can also offer larger sedans – ES and LS.

The current Lexus IS is not offering a hybrid engine. It will definitely be changed for the next-gen vehicle. Some sources report about an electric car. We doubt the company is going to waste resources on that type of vehicle. Instead, investment into crossovers and SUVs seems like a better choice.

2025 Lexus IS electric

2025 Lexus IS Redesign Details

At the moment of writing of this article, the company didn’t launch the model for 2024 season. Also, details about changes on ES and LC Convertible are already available. With an old design, outside and inside, we expect a lot from upcoming car. Some fans wanted to see the next-gen model already in 2024, but it seems we all have to wait until the following season. Then, the 2025 Lexus IS will be ready for new challenges.

A few things are certain about the redesign. The vehicle needs updates inside and outside, as well as in the engine room. The exterior was updated in 2021, but another dose of modifications is coming for the all-new IS. The size should stay the same, which means the driving impression and interior space should be very similar to the outgoing model. The new one will use lighter materials, which should improve aesthetics and fuel economy. Inside, the latest features will be added to the infotainment and safety systems. New look of the dashboard and central console would be welcome, as well as the new seats.

Under the Hood

There are three models already available for the IS lineup. The base one is using a turbo-four with 240 hp. You can upgrade the drivetrain to a V6. But, that one is about to be dropped. We are pretty confident this is going to happen since Toyota and Lexus are replacing big rigs with smaller, turbocharged units. This way, the company keeps the performance thanks to matched outputs, but improves the gas mileage. A V6 could do only 23 mpg, which is a really bad result for a compact car.

Instead of a V6, a hybrid system might take place. The combo of a turbo-four engine and electric battery will definitely improve the fuel economy numbers. Also, the outputs should be higher. So, that is definitely a better choice. A V8 from the IS 500 is probably safe as a high-performance option. This one is currently delivering 472 hp and sprints 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds.

2025 Lexus IS 500 V8

2025 Lexus IS F Sport

The most popular version of the car is the F Sport package. The 2025 Lexus IS will carry over the offer. Of course, it will be improved. Unique grille and large wheels are the first things you can notice on F Sport models. There are also other details. The interior is sportier, with special seats and a steering wheel. There is no extra power over the base configuration, though. Well, the IS 500 and a V8 package came paired with the F Sport tuning.

2025 Lexus IS Release Date and Price

Lexus is not announcing details yet, and fans are still waiting for the 2024 YM, which will be the carry-over. The first official info about the 2025 Lexus IS will appear next year. The company will share a bit of information every now and then. A complete unveiling is probably planned for the second half of 2024.

After the redesign, the car will cost more. The base MSRP is going to be closer to $45,000 if the entry-level engine stays the same. AWD adds $2,000. A hybrid replacement for the V6 is also more expensive. This one might be around $50,000. The IS 500 is already the most expensive version in the family, starting above $60,000 and offering a few special offers for upgrading.

2025 Lexus IS interior


Having no info about the upcoming 2024 YM makes some enthusiasts worried. Sedans are not so popular nowadays. Not too many buyers will pay a lot more for the luxury car. This is an era of crossovers and SUVs, so there is a reason to ask what will be with the Lexus IS in the future. The company is not showing any signs of disappointment in this lineup, so fans can be calm and expect the next-gen model in 2025.

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