All-New 2025 Lexus LS: New Generation of the Luxury Sedan Improves Tech, Safety, Driving Experience

It can be time for the new generation of the largest Lexus sedan. The company is not giving up on these vehicles like some other carmakers. The luxury car is still popular, not only in the US but worldwide. The 2025 Lexus LS will fix a couple of downsides of its predecessors, although those are hard to find. The build quality is superb, the sedan is packed with premium options, and it is very comfortable. The base engine delivers 416 hp. A hybrid setup is introduced recently, but it is somehow unimpressive. It cuts down the power but doesn’t improve the gas mileage.

The next-gen vehicle might use the new powertrain and arrive as the 2025 Lexus LS 600. The I Force system is taking over the powerplant rooms. Of course, the LS’s been the same for a few years, so the big redesign is also important to stay in the game. The car is pretty spacious and luxurious, so it is hard to imagine what a better version can do to improve this.

2025 Lexus LS 600

2025 Lexus LS Redesign

Designers should start from the front fascia. The entire nose is the same for too long. The upcoming 2025 Lexus LS will change grille, lights and bumpers. When the test mules appear, spy photos will show us what to expect. We can make comparisons to other vehicles and concept models, but nothing is guaranteed. There is still enough time for designers to make proper changes that can make the LS appealing and elegant.


Luxury sedans are there to combine a superb driving experience, elegant and cozy styling, state-of-art tech features, and advanced safety systems. The goal is to make an unforgivable journey. The 2025 Lexus LS is already using upscale materials. Details are also important, so there are unique stitches and accents, wood and aluminum trims, and many other amnesties. You won’t miss these details.

Then, the comfort – the LS will raise the bar not only with upscale materials, but also chair design. The front row comes with adjustable features, heating, cooling, and even massaging options. Lumbar and thigh support are available at higher trim levels. Ambient lighting is now standard for most luxury vehicles.

The infotainment system comes with an eye-catching touchscreen at the central console. Advanced audio, navigation, and intuitive controls are making the ride even cozier. The 2025 Lexus LS will also offer a rear-seat entertaining system with monitors mounted in headrests, headset outputs, USB ports, and a few more options. Wireless charging is also standard, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services. The new LS could also offer Amazon Alexa.

new 2025 Lexus LS

2025 Lexus LS 600 Specs

Engineers will also have a lot of work before the 2025 Lexus LS hits the showrooms. The hybrid system is somehow not suitable for this level of luxury. Only 355 hp are coming from the setup, and the gas mileage is not too much better than the standard petrol configuration. Such upgrades on other vehicles provide exceptional fuel economy, somewhere even above 40 mpg.

The I Force and I Force Max could be the solutions for the upcoming LS. Experts already call it LS 600. The LX SUV switched from a V8 to the I Force Max setup and added the “600” badge. The sedan doesn’t need its towing capacity and off-road capabilities, so all the focus is on the road performance.

Everything has to be perfect for the 2025 Lexus LS 600 hybrid with the I Force Max system. We assume the drivetrain will be a 3.4-liter six-pot engine, and electric batteries will help it get to 400+ hp. That is not all, since transmission tuning needs to provide smooth gear change and efficient ride. Currently, the I Force systems are only deployed on big SUVs and trucks.

Standard 3.4-liter turbo V6 will remain the base option. This engine delivers 415 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque and returns 23 mpg combined. For longer journeys, you will feel the improvement in fuel economy. The LS reaches 29 mpg on highways. A 10-speed transmission sends power to rear wheels, or optionally all four corners of the car. The LS 500 accelerates 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds.

2025 Lexus LS new hybrid

2025 Lexus LS Release Date, Competition

Big luxury sedans are still very popular in Europe. Their price is the biggest downside. Not too many buyers can afford to pay $80,000, and that is the base price of the LS. By 2025, it will be definitely more expensive. Rivals are not too cheaper. German carmakers and their models are the leaders in the segment. Audi A8, Mercedes S Class, and BMW 7 Series are the competition. Infiniti discontinued the Q70, while Cadillac still builds CT6, but only for the Chinese market.

We’ll see if in the next few months Lexus is going to announce something about the new LS. Anyway, the premiere won’t happen before the 2024 season, while the sales should start in the second half of the year, no matter if the 2025 Lexus LS is an all-new vehicle, or a carry-over with small updates.

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