2025 Toyota Avalon: What to Expect?

The large sedan was discontinued in the US, but the company is still producing Avalon. The Crown is the replacement, but it is a totally different vehicle. Only size is similar and the new car did everything we missed on its predecessor. The update made it more appealing and eye-catching. Still, there are a lot of fans believing the 2025 Toyota Avalon might be back. Support for this theory lays in the availability of the car in China and a few other countries. Toyota made other bold moves regarding the discontinuation of famous vehicles, so the Land Cruiser is another model not available in the US anymore.

Comebacks are not so likely so quickly, since the company wants to give time to their ideas and new projects. Not only that Crown, which replaced Avalon, and Lexus LX has been given more space by the departure of the Land Cruiser, are the priority. Also, Toyota needs to move away from sedan production. For example, the decline of sales for Avalon started 10 years ago. Only Corolla and Camry have sales that should keep them alive. We can say – thanks to the competition that is leaving the car segment to produce more crossovers, SUVs and trucks. Toyota could drop Mirai, GR cars, and Crown to increase the production of Rav4, Highlander, and upcoming electric vehicles.

2025 Toyota Avalon comeback


When the Crown replaced the Avalon, the key change happened under the hood. The old car used a V6, while its replacement relies on a couple of turbocharged four-bangers. This is the trend for Toyota vehicles. The company is downsizing motors all across the lineup. Some other models that got turbo-four units instead of a V6 are Highlander SUV and Tacoma truck.

But, the new configuration is not less potent than the previous one. A 3.5-liter V6 system could develop 300 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. The new one is cutting down 65 hp, but enhances gas mileage. A 2.5-liter petrol mill gets support from electric batteries to return 42 mpg combined, which is 10 mpg more than Avalon could do on the highway.

An alternative is a more powerful hybrid with a 2.4-liter turbo engine as the base. The total output of this system is 340 hp and the combined gas mileage of 30 mpg. All-wheel drive is standard. This powertrain is available only if you select the Platinum trim level. Some of these configurations will be available for the Avalon if it comes back to the US.

Toyota Crown replaced Avalon in 2022

Electric Car

Complete automotive industry is moving towards electrification. The process is just at the beginning and there are no too many EVs on the roads. Many changes and upgrades are required. Not only that companies need to build more electric cars, but also there is a recharging network, maintenance shops, etc.

Toyota is not pushing too hard into complete electrification. But, the Japanese company is a leader when it comes to sales of hybrid vehicles. Also, their models with such powertrains achieve high fuel economy numbers, which is one of the main reasons of their popularity. The next stage in evolution is not easy and simple. To build an electric vehicle, a company needs special teams and plants. Before Toyota decides to go this way, we will have to see some concepts.

The Japanese carmaker introduced some platforms and it seems that the BZ SDN prototype can underpin the 2025 Toyota Avalon EV. Experts believe that an all-electric Camry is closer to production than any other nameplate. Also, the new lineup of electric vehicles might use different names.

2025 Toyota Avalon ev

Where 2025 Toyota Avalon Will Be Built?

The car was designed in three Toyota centers across America, from the West to the East Coast. If the Avalon comes back, it will be developed at the same cuisines again. The entire production during nearly 30 years happened in Georgetown, KY. However, the 2025 Toyota Avalon production can be moved to Texas or Mississippi, where the Corolla is built. The plant in Kentucky will be expanded and the production of most electric vehicles will be there. There are plans of building more factories, but for now, Toyota is not disclosing locations.


It is unlikely to see the 2025 Toyota Avalon. The car was cut off in 2022, there is a replacement already available, and new projects are the priority. Also, the sedan class is not so popular, so it is wiser to invest in crossovers and trucks, where there is way more sales and profit. However, we won’t close the door for the comeback. Toyota already resurrected some old nameplates. Avalon might be the next one. The modernization could include an electric battery, which is a joker for the future.

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