New 3-Cylinder Engine is Ready for the 2025 Toyota GR86

The second generation of the GR86 was a major hit for the Japanese company. But, they won’t enjoy the success. The all-new 2025 Toyota GR86 is coming out next year with a fresh look and additional options under the hood. That will be an inline-three unit that should provide a more efficient ride. Even more, that could be a hybrid system.

The sports car is developed in partnership with Subaru. It also uses their platform. Toyota’s architecture will underpin the upcoming third generation. It allows the company to make further changes. One of them is a turbocharged I3 engine. The current version is using a naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder unit with extra power. It is not the first vehicle that goes through an update and ends up with fewer cylinders under the hood. But, this is the first time that four-banger is downsized.

2025 Toyota GR86 I3 engine

Third Generation Debut

According to sources, the Japanese man and ufacturer likes how the car sells. So, the company decided to revisit the GR86 and launch an all-new model. The third-gen vehicle debuts as the 2025 YM with plenty of changes. Unfortunately, details are not available yet. The 2025 Toyota GR86 is in the initial phases of development. The first prototypes should be out as soon as the company configures the new platform. This is probably the main goal and after the new Toyota’s architecture is ready for the GR86, next phases of development will be done faster.

Be ready if the company changes the name of the vehicle, again. The predecessor was called AE86, or just Toyota 86 in the 1980s. After the comeback in 2012, you can find it as GT86 or FT86. However, the US market is taking GR86, because the styling is done by the Gazoo Racing. Toyota is already leaving Subaru’s platform, so it won’t be a surprise if they decide to use their own design instead of relying on GR.

The new generation brings a lot of changes, as always, outside and inside. The vehicle will remain a 2-door roadster with aggressive appearance and not too much space in the cabin. However, the tiny room is going to used perfectly to maximize sporty and elegant impression.

Outside, there won’t be huge step away from the current idea. Two doors, big wheels, spoiler, and aggressive front fascia are the elements of the sports car. Compared to the current edition, the 2025 Toyota GR86 is probably getting a bolder design of the front grille, headlights and bumper.

2025 Toyota GR86

2025 Toyota GR86 Will Be More Efficient Thanks to the New Powertrain

Toyota is electrifying the lineup, but the Japanese company is doing it slowly, without a rush. So far, you can find only a few EVs. There are rumors mentioning the GR86 as one of them in the near future, but it is not going to happen so soon. On the other hand, the company can do a safe thing – build a hybrid powertrain. In this world, Toyota is the #1 manufacturer.

It seems certain that a 2.4-liter mill is getting a replacement. The company might keep it as an option with 225 hp and 185 lb-ft (or more after the revisit). The new 2025 Toyota GR86 will be lighter than its predecessor, so that means a better gas mileage. Tests have shown different results and 0-60 mph times. The upcoming car will definitely be closer to 5 sec to do that.

There are two possible options if the GR86 goes hybrid. The first one is a 1.6-liter mill with turbochargers. Lower emissions are one of the top priorities. The hybrid unit will definitely provide that. But, the purpose of those systems is also to boost the gas mileage. A 1.3-liter turbocharged I3 mill with a hybrid setup might bring the same amount of power as the current configuration. However, it will be way more efficient. Some reports say this engine could do more than 300 hp. If this happens, such a setup will be reserved for top of the range editions of the 2025 Toyota GR86.

new 2025 Toyota GR86

2025 Toyota GR86 Release Date

So many changes are being prepared for the new generation. It will take some time until the company sets up everything. The process is expected to last longer mainly because the switch from one platform to another. Subaru was a great partner, but Toyota has different plans with the GR86. The presentation of the roadster won’t happen before the second half of next season.

The price is probably the main thing that keeps this car in the game. Even the future of sedans and hatchbacks is questionable because the versatility of crossovers beats everything. But, the 2025 Toyota GR86 will be under $30k. No crossover (such as Rav4) can match the driving impression, agility and handling of the sports car. Premium package was an alternative on the current version, and the vehicle could get some special, first edition for the 2025 YM.

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