2025 Toyota Prius GR: The Unusual Version of Hybrid Icon

The ultimate hybrid car has been praised for so many great things, particularly when it comes to efficiency, reliability, and affordability. But, no one ever expected it to perform so well. The recently introduced generation brought one radical change – it became powerful and pretty quick, which is something we weren’t able to say for some previous models. Meanwhile, Toyota’s new CEO promises more GR cars and believe it or not, one of them will be the 2025 Toyota Prius GR.

At this point, most details are still unavailable, but we can refer to the Prius GR concept, which was presented recently. That model shows a full load of aesthetical upgrades. At this moment, we can only imagine that the upgrades would be done in other aspects as well, including both powertrain and chassis setup. In any case, the hot 2025 Toyota Prius GR is expected to arrive already in the next year.

2025 Toyota Prius GR

2025 Toyota Prius GR Design

Design-wise, the 2025 Toyota Prius GR will be both familiar and unique. Of course, the overall design will be based on the standard model, while the upgrades are expected to be exactly the same as in the concept, at least when it comes to aesthetics. That model brought a completely new body kit, highlighted by new bumpers, a front splitter, massive side skirts, a rear diffuser, a rear spoiler etc. Of course, there is also a new set of wheels, wrapped with the latest Michelin Pilot tires.

But we also expect to see notable upgrades under the skin. As a high-performance version, it should get upgrades in various aspects, starting from performance suspension, which would be stiffer and bring the car closer to the ground. Furthermore, we presume some chassis reinforcement is expected too, along with bigger and more capable brakes.

2025 Toyota Prius GR Source Motor1
Source: Motor1


As for the interior design, we presume that the approach will be the same as in the case of other GR-badged models. The  2025 Toyota Prius GR would get upgrades in various aspects, starting from new color schemes, materials, upgraded steering wheels, pedals and many more. At the same time, the overall cabin design would remain the same as in standard models, which brought significant improvements with the previous redesign. The new Prius is way more upscale than before, with nicer materials, better build quality and the latest tech features.

As a performance version, the Prius GR might get sports seats but whether that happens or not, the seating configuration will remain the same. Although a sports car, this liftback will still remain comfortable, with two rows of adult-friendly seats and a quite decent cargo area.

2025 Toyota Prius GR Powertrain

As for the powertrain, the recent redesign brought significant improvement compared to previous generations of this hybrid. The Prius is no longer a super-efficient but very slow car. It turned into something pretty quick, and now things could become even better with the 2025 Toyota Prius GR. The base Prius currently features a setup based on a 2.0-liter engine, with a combined output of nearly 200 horsepower. There is also a plug-in hybrid version, with a bigger battery and, therefore, a more capable electric motor, so the max output goes up to 220 horsepower.

The GR model could also come with a plug-in hybrid setup and we presume it would get a nice power upgrade, maybe even to 250 horsepower. But keep in mind that this is just a speculation. The officials are still quiet about the setup and figures.

2025 Toyota Prius GR Render

2025 Toyota Prius GR Release Date and Price

We believe that the 2025 Toyota Prius GR could arrive already in the next year and we estimate that such a hot Prius will probably cost over 40.000 dollars.




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