New 2023 Toyota Auris to Debut Later This Year

Auris was a small hatchback based on the Corolla sedan. When the latest generation of the car was launched, Toyota also made some changes across the rest of the lineup. So, the Auris was dropped and the Corolla hatchback became available. There is also Yaris Cross, Crown sedan, and a few other novelties. But, the 2023 Toyota Auris could come back as a surprise to all old fans and a vehicle that should be slotted above the Yaris.

The car is not coming to the US though. Its comeback is a surprise to many experts since the company is currently focused on crossovers and larger SUVs. Also, there is a hatchback variant of Corolla, so it is not clear what will the 2023 Toyota Auris add to the lineup that is not already offered. It might be a limited-time offer, or another concept by the Japanese automotive giant, who is also involved in big electrification plans with its bZ5X and bZ3X models.

2023 Toyota Auris hatchback

2023 Toyota Auris Restyling

In some countries, the Corolla hatchback is an official successor of the Auris. But, the redesigned model could show up and offer something new. Corolla is out in the market for a while and some already speak about the facelift. Upcoming changes can also serve as the base for the new 2023 Toyota Auris. Rumors will float around for a bit longer, that is for sure, even if the company denies everything. The fresh styling can breathe new life to the Auris. But, the fact is – this is a dying class since buyers are switching to more versatile and safer crossovers. Yaris Cross is one of the alternatives if the Auris don’t come back.

2023 Toyota Auris


Under the hood of the 2023 Toyota Auris will be small and efficient engines. The company is dropping diesel units, so don’t expect those to come back. The question is – which petrol units will be there? Also, expect a hybrid system to be available. The ultimate version is the Auris EV.

If we compare it to the closest sibling, Corolla, then expect a 1.2-l turbocharged engine as the base option. This one was also previously available for the hatchback. Now, the power outputs should be increased to 110 hp. An alternative is a 1.8-liter mill with a mild-hybrid boost. Again, it was previously deployed and again, it should be enhanced to produce at least 150 horsepower. Finally, Corolla is offering a 2.0-liter petrol engine, previously unavailable on the hatchback. The 2023 Toyota Auris will take benefits of both standard and hybrid configurations based on this engine.

New 2023 Toyota Auris

2023 Toyota Auris vs Corolla Hatchback

There are a few fun facts about those two vehicles. The sedan is older and more popular. When the company decided to build a hatchback version, they named it Auris. That lasted until a few years ago. Corolla entered the next-gen in 2018, but the Auris remained a part of the lineup in some markets until 2020. Then it was officially out.

Corolla Hatchback is an official successor, and you can find it as the Corolla Sport in some markets. So basically, here we are talking only if the Auris will be the name used again for the hatch variant of the famous sedan. We doubt Toyota is building an all-new vehicle to bring back the 2023 Toyota Auris. Especially not a hatchback.

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